Political Science Department

The Department of Political Science is multidisciplinary - as demonstrated by the diversity of our exceptional and dynamic members, who possess a wide range of research expertise.

The Department of Political Science (POLS) consistently ranks among the top university politics departments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Our department is situated within the College of Economics and Political Science.

The Department of Political Science upholds the highest academic standards and fosters innovation in research. Serving as one of the seven departments within the College of Economics and Political Science, we provide a focal point for political science at Sultan Qaboos University.

We maintain strong connections with numerous departments, colleges, institutions, and universities, both regionally and internationally. These include disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, law, Asian and Middle Eastern studies and military & defense studies. This network provides our students with access to a diverse range of subjects and opportunities to explore their individual interests.

Alongside our active learning, teaching and research in politics and international studies, the department encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects. These include the historical and contemporary study of public policy, gender studies, political thought, the global south, geopolitics, development studies, political risk management, security and strategic studies, governance and human rights.

As the premier and solitary hub for research and studies in politics and international relations in Oman, we have the privilege of drawing the most exceptional students and faculty members, fostering an environment of excellence in both learning and research.

The Department of Political Science cultivates a vibrant community within an exceptional environment, providing a conducive space to explore and analyze all facets of the political discipline.


Here’s what we provide:

  1. Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Political Science
  2. Master of Arts in International Relations and Security Studies (IRSS)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in International Relations and Security Studies (IRSS)


Come and study with us

POLS students learn from a dynamic community of academics and researchers who offer top-tier class teaching and analysis of the most complex and pressing global issues.