Political Science Department

The Department is the first and only focal point for research and education in politics and international relations in Oman, and one of only five such departments in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Located at the College of Economics and Political Science, the department is characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach.

The department offers two programmes: a bachelor's degree in Political Science and a master's degree in international relations and Security Studies. The objectives of these programmes have been defined in a fashion to provide students with advanced analytical skills and knowledge to understand the complexity of political and strategic issues. As a centre of excellence, the department aspires to become an exceptional centre for pioneering research and education in the region. Due to Oman’s unique geographical location and the programme's strategic objectives, the department is committed to developing international partnerships in order to develop joint research projects, training activities, conferences and advice in the fields of security, negotiation, strategy, foreign policy, diplomacy and political economy.

Employment opportunities for graduates of the Department of Political Science can be found in the public sector such as government services (Ministry of Interior and Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Affairs, Chambers of Parliament) and the private sector such as academic institutions, policy adviser, analyst and researcher in think tanks and journalism, among others.