Academic Advising in the one of the key success factor of the undergraduate students. Advising relationship between the student and the advisor is shared responsibility. As per the University Undergraduate Academic Regulations, each student is assigned to an academic advisor. The student is responsible to consult their academic advisors regularly on all matters related to their academic progress. The advisor is to guide the student in their degree path to avoid falling into academic difficulties. In addition, the advisor is to help the students to know their potential and capabilities. All advise provided to the student must comply with the University rules and regulations.





The ADUS manages the process of the students advising by assigning students to their advisor. In special cases, the advisor of the student may be re-assigned. The office also conducts advisors workshops to advisors every semester prior to the students’ advising week. The office offers a themed workshop where advisors may select the theme that they want to attend. Real students’ cases are discussed in the workshop to insure the quality of advising.