Summer Registration

Summer semester is available with a limited range of courses, which are both remedial in nature as well as answering high demand for key prerequisite courses, internship courses, and university electives. All CEPS students interested in enrolling in the summer semester must apply for it through the summer pre-registration during the spring semester.

General Guidelines for Summer Semester Registration.

  • Internship

Students going for internship in the summer must register the course in the department before starting their internship. The internship is a full time course. Therefore, Internship students can NOT register any other summer courses along with the Internship course.  The internship course is under the Assistant Dean for Training and Community Service.

  • Other Courser
  • Students must register in two courses (After fulfilling the prerequisite of these courses)
  • The maximum load is 8 credits (2 courses); the minimum limit is 5 credits (2 courses)
  • Taking 6 credits or more in the summer semester is equivalent to a full semester load, and would be counted as one full semester for the purpose of recording the semesters on academic probation.
  • Students are not allowed to repeat courses in summer they already passed to improve their grades.
  • During the summer semester, students should keep to the courses they pre-registered in except in the cases of: (a) spring failure of a pre-requisite course, and/or (b) changes in summer course offerings.
  • Course withdrawal (with “w” grade) in Spring lowers the priority of being accepted for the same course in summer.
  • for chohorts 2011 and onwards students under acadmic probation are not allowed to register for summer courses.
  • Other normal load Students are not allowed to repeat courses of given grade to improve grades or to take courses in advance of normal scheduling patterns.
  • Confirmed registration which is announced in the Colleges is considered as final registration.
  • Academic status and CUM GPA by end of spring semester will be used to judge eligibility for summer semester.
  • For chohorts 2010 and backwards students on probation 1 and 2 are recomened to repeat the failed courses only or not take summer semester

Summer Eligibility Criteria

 All CEPS students are eligible to register in summer according to the following criteria/priorities 

  1. Students graduating by Summer
  2. Students graduating by Fall
  3. Students expected to major by Fall

 Based on student academic records, the Academic Advisors determine the summer priority levels for their advisees. The summer pre-registration will be announced by the ADUS office with the instructions of the registration. After the results of spring are released, ADUS will double check the student’s eligibility for the summer. If the student is not eligible for the summer, their registration will be canceled by the ADUS office. Students will be automatically registered in the summer by the Deanship of Admission and Registration as per the list sent by ADUS office.