Training and Internship Program


The office of the ADTCS handles required student training in the summer. The office handles the allocation of students to host organizations, suggesting the assessment criteria through the “Student Training Committee” and following up with students until the end of the training program.
Planning for the student summer training starts early in the Fall semester of every academic year. The office of the ADTCS meets with the Training Committee and first evaluate the feedback from the previous summer training program and suggest ways of improvements for the upcoming cycle. If there are any suggestions for improvements, the office of the ADTCS with the Training Committee will work together on the improvements and seek department support when needed.
By December of every year, the office of the ADTCS shall set a planning meeting for the upcoming summer training program. The meeting should put a plan for the overall process with dates starting from December until August. The plan details what needs to be done at every date and this usually includes the following:
• Confirming host organizations contacts and addresses (name of contact person).
• Preparing required letters/email and updating them if needed.
• Contacting host organization for training opportunities with follow up dates.
• Collecting student list from the Deanship of Admission and Registration in order to register and allocate students to the program.
• Setting dates for introductory training lectures to students.
• Inform departments to hold their own lectures to discuss the report template.
• Setting dates to send reminders for students about important information.
• Contacting the relevant university units to accommodate transportation and housing.


National Internship Training Program
List of Private Sector Companies provided national internship training for CEPS students



Private Sector
Central Bank of Oman Daleel Petroleum
Bank Muscat Shell Oman Marketing
Bank Sohar BP Oman
Bank Nizwa OXY
Alizz Islamic Bank Omani Securities Association
Schlumberger Omantel
ORPIC Almadina Investment
Port of Salalah Deloitte
Majan Electricity Co. Oman Electricity Transmission Co.
Petroleum Development of Oman Oman Cement
Beah Oman Airport Management Co.
KPMG Al Madina Logistic
Awasr Barzuman