I am extremely pleased to announce that our College has reached an important Milestone and received EQUIS Accreditation Eligibility on November 17, 2016. This marvelous achievement is due to the very best teamwork and efforts of all CEPS faculty, Head of Departments, Assistant Deans, the Accreditation Committee and Staff. Among many goals, we finished our Five Year Strategic Plan, which sets strategies for SQU. OAAA, and EQUIS accreditation standards, designed and will publish a new Annual Report, and are reviewing all of the College’s academic and administrative processes for improvement. 

Now we go forward together in Spring 2017 to begin the process of preparing the EQUIS Self-Assessment Report that will be sent to EQUIS in time for a final team visit in Fall 2018. This will be a busy spring as we will be finishing the setting of Integrated Learning Objectives and Curriculum Maps for all CEPS undergraduate and graduate programs, advancing new specializations and graduate programs for SQU approvals, expanding our international and corporate partnerships, and involving our fine students in important meetings and sessions. Our esteemed College Advisory Board, who met in December, will join us again in April to review our good work and that of our students in special presentation forums. 

We also will be showing our work on EQUIS accreditation and the progress of our students, faculty and College through new web pages. Please make sure and visit our site often this spring at We also will be setting up exhibits on our student, faculty and accreditation accomplishments in our CEPS building so watch for those displays soon! 

While we have accomplished so much and have more to do, we will certainly succeed in this and all of our accreditation efforts through maintaining the same determined team spirit and commitment as a College in the coming days and months. 

Again I am most grateful to all of our CEPS faculty, staff, and students for their efforts and help with our accreditation work, which demonstrates our strong commitment to continually strive and succeed in providing educational excellence. 

Best regards, 

Saeed Al-Muharrami, Ph.D. 

Dean, College of Economics and Political Science

Dr. Saeed Mubarak Al-Muharrami,