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The vision and mission of the Office of Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs is to administer a three year (phase III) educational programme leading towards award of MD degree in this College.

Students enter clinical years (phase III) after they  completed  Phase I and II in the MD programme.  The programme in phase III divided into two stages; stage I which run in 57 weeks and includes Pre-clerkship and Junior clerkship and stage II which run in 60 weeks and includes Senior clerkship and pre-internship followed by final MD exam. Details of the programme is in the degree plan. This programme broadly provides the students with the knowledge, skills, attitude expected, inculcate the habits they have to develop, the background on ethical issues, and various other related procedures required to deal with patients in a professional manner.

The Office of Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs oversees all matters related to clinical affairs of which some are; scheduling rotations, keeping track of students academic progress, follows students set optimal academic goals, provides counseling, coordinating the teaching activities in affiliated hospitals, and working closely with examination and curriculum committees to facilitate examinations and curriculum development and implementation. In addition the office has  close liaison with Deanship of Admissions and Registration, Student Affairs and other supporting offices within the University.

This Office is also dedicated and strives to constantly improve quality of teaching, both in the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and its affiliated hospitals. This objective is achieved through educational workshops including assessment and annual visits to affiliated hospitals in order to incorporate any changes required in medical knowledge and practice.

Dr.Khamis Al Hashmi Dr.Khamis Al Hashmi 
 Associate Professor, Asst Dean Clinical  Affairs

SQUH is a tertiary care hospital with 557 beds, 427 doctors (Senior Consultant 68, Consultant 75, Senior Specialist 71, Specialist 139, SHO 74) and 1240 nurses. The clinical facilities include: 
164 internal medicine beds, 96 pediatric beds, 90 general surgery beds, 28 neurosurgery and orthopedic beds, 28 emergency beds, ICU 25 beds, 20 high dependency beds and 89 beds in the ambulatory area in addition to 19 new beds to be opened soon. The Hospital admits patients from Emergency Department as well as referred cases from all over Oman. 

In SQUH, the students rotate in medicine, pediatric, general surgery, Ob/Gyn, behavioral medicine, ophthalmology, oral health, accident & emergency, ENT, radiology, anesthesia, 
and clinical physiology departments as well as rotations in biochemistry, microbiology and hematology laboratories. 

The Royal Hospital
The RH is a teaching tertiary hospital with 623 beds and 265 senior specialists and senior/ consultants (70 affiliated teachers) and 1,298 nurses. Like SQUH it receives referral cases from all over Oman. In the RH the students rotate in medicine, child health, pediatric surgery, Ob/Gyn, surgery, accident & emergency, radiology and anesthesia departments. 

Khoula Hospital
KH is a tertiary hospital and is the main trauma center in Oman. The total number of beds is 517. There are 407 senior specialists and senior/consultants (31 affiliated teachers) and 903 nurses. The students rotate through orthopedics, plastic surgery, Ob/Gyn, surgery, radiology and accident & emergency departments.

 Al Nahda Hospital
NH is a specialized hospital for ENT, dermatology, ophthalmology and maxillofacial surgery. The hospital has 116 beds, There are 248 senior specialists and senior/consultants (15 affiliated teachers) and 285 nurses. The students rotate in the hospital dermatology, ENT, ophthalmology and oral health departments during the clinical years.

Al Massra Hospital
Al Massra Hospital Hospital is a psychiatric hospital with 43 senior specialists and senior/consultants (6 affiliated teachers) and 278 nurses. Students do their psychiatry rotation in SQUH and partly in Al Massra Hospital Hospital.

Royal Oman Police Hospital
Forensic Medicine Rotation is conducted and coordinated in a partnership with ROPH 
(1 affiliated teacher).

Arm Forces Hospital
This hospital has active inpatient and outpatient services. It has been recently recognized for teaching undergraduate students (9 affiliated teachers). Training in Medicine and Pediatrics have been initiated since last year.

Ministry of Health Centers 
Students ambulatory rotations in Family Medciine and Public Health are equally divided between 11 MOH Health Centers in Muscat area and its surroundings in addition to SQUH.


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