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The office of Assistant Dean for Training & Community Service is aiming to provide continuing education and training programs for students and community. The office has established direct channels with all concerned sectors and it is eager to contribute through research projects, technical consultancies, conferences, symposia, training schemes, community service programs, public lectures, participating in many advisory committees, and national events.

We believe that Community engagement and service-learning enhances medical education by bringing knowledge learned in the classroom to life, contributing to communities, and providing a solid foundation for professional altruism. Confidently, students at College of Medicine and Health Sciences will take advantage of the various opportunities for service and engagement available to them as medical students, and that these experiences inform and enrich their education.

The Vision 
To reach optimal level of training programs, service and support to and from the community.

The Mission  
To create, provide and support training programs, service and community engagement opportunities for and by medical students and faculty at College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University.

Dr.Said Al Busafi 

Dr. Said Ahmed Al Busafi 
 Asst. Dean for Training & Community Service


1. For Medical Students: to enhance medical education through meaningful service and learning experiences that benefit the community and address a recognized need. Also, to broadening students’ clinical experience through the Elective Program.

2. For Faculty: to enhance contribution of faculty at College of Medicine and Health Sciences to the community by conducting lectures, workshops, conferences, and other outreach activities.

3. For Interns Medical Officers: to coordinate and improve the internship year program

4. For Alumni: to communicate with alumni by organizing gatherings and activities for alumni for the purpose of marketing programs and services provided by the university.

Training Offered by the College 

  • Elective Programme
  • Internship Training Program

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