About Alumni

Department of Alumni Affairs in college of medicine and health sciences is Concerned with all the Alumni Affairs and support linkages between the College of Medicine and Health Sciences and it alumnus as they are the fruit and roots extended in various fields of science and knowledge and therefore strives Alumni Affairs to encourage these creative outputs in order to work, in dedication and sophistication of their dear country in the drawer of development and progress.


Alumni goals:

1.    Create a database and a link to an electronic site cares for the college graduates in order to establish a lasting relationship and rolling

        with the alumnus of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences.

2.  Work as a liaison between the college and alumnus in order to pursue the professional status of the graduates of the College after graduation, whereabouts and jobs they obtained.

1.    Facilitate the tasks of mobility of students graduate from university educational environment to the work environment through the process of organizing (lectures - interviews - and workshops).

2.    Coordinate with departments in the college in the areas of career guidance, training and development of academic plans.

3.    Benefit from the experiences of graduates after they enter their work in helping and guiding the rest of the students who are in their way to graduate.

4.   Provide business relevant data of the alumnus to the academic programs and faculty in all disciplines.

5.   Study variables and the needs of the labor sector of the academic disciplines.