Academic Departments


While serving as a focal point for clinical services and translational research, the Department is strongly committed to establishing the required infrastructure with advanced technologies to boost medical genetic research

Our research at the Department of Genetics focuses on translational research, where we apply findings from basic science research and data generated from the latest next-generation sequencing technologies to enhance our community health and well-being. Many of us are involved in gene discovery research, studying monogenic conditions like neurodevelopmental disorders, or complex/polygenic disorders like diabetes mellitus.


We offer training and consultation in a diverse range of genetics and genomics research areas including cell culture, PCR-based methods, conventional and molecular immunogenetics, and cytogenetic methods, next-generation sequencing technologies, microarray, the genetics and pathogenesis of inherited diseases, stem cell biology, and the genetics of recombination and linkage analysis. Our trainees gain full advantage of the multidisciplinary nature of SQU and the College of Medicine and Health Sciences that house various other core facilities.