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In 1991, the Department of Theatre Arts was formed as part of the College of Arts and Social Science and became the first undergraduate theatre program in the Sultanate of Oman that offered a Bachelor of Arts in three major areas of concentration: acting and directing, drama and criticism, and stage design. The department focused its efforts on developing students’ artistic as well as practical skill by offering them a solid foundation of history, theory, literature, and practical experience in theatre. 

The department of Theatre Arts is dedicated to the enrichment of the cultural environment at the university and the Sultanate through education— as it offers elective courses to a large number of Sultan Qaboos University undergraduates who are non-theatre majors—research, workshops, lectures, production opportunities, and consultation for public and private establishments in the Sultanate. 

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The Department of Theatre Arts strives to set the standard of excellence in the Sultanate and the region , through study, practice, and academic research.



The department of theatre is dedicated to introduce students to the art, craft, and discipline of theatre. In addition, it is committed to actively contribute to the cultural environment of the university, the community, and the Sultanate as a whole through education offerings, production opportunities, workshops, and lectures. Moreover, to actively contribute to the artistic and creative field of the region.



1. To disseminate theatrical culture among students who are majoring in other fields.
2. To provide students with a way to explore and influence the larger community through the performing arts.
3. To contribute to the artistic and cultural environment of Sultan Qaboos University and theatrical field in the Sultanate of Oman.
4. To create partnerships and outreach opportunities with local, regional, and international theatre communities.

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