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Dr. Mayada Nabil ElKatatny

Dr. Mayada Nabil ElKatatny

Head of Department

Music & Musicology Department

The Department of Music & Musicology seeks to foster and disseminate music aesthetic values in the Omani society, to promote music and artistic perception, and to contribute to the development of the status of music in the Sultanate. The Omani citizen has in fact the right to high quality music, a main component of people's identity and an indicator of their development. Music has a tremendous impact on people which goes beyond mere soothing or stimulation of emotions; it contributes to the development of the perceptive and mental potential of the individual, helps refine tastes, and defines personality traits.Teaching music in tertiary institutions is a pressing need. It is a constitutive factor of students' cultural identity and personality at a critical stage of their development. The openness of university systems and programs on artistic specializations is therefore an act of guidance and awareness raising which triggers an influential generation of musicians that reconciles science with arts and personal skills. Thus, we are committed to a musical education opened on other cultures with a view to consolidate musical bilingualism. In this respect, the Department attaches a great importance to Arab music without negating western music which is systematically explored to guarantee the acquisition of more than one musical language at the same time. The Department fosters the values of diversity and difference and is committed to highly qualified and experienced teaching staff from different schools and tendencies: east oriental, west oriental, east European, west European… This orientation stems from the conviction that music is an international language, and Arab music is not isolated from other musical languages. 

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The Department of Music and Musicology aspires to achieve a distinguished local and regional position of distinction and excellence through the provision of scientific and cultural education in music and musicology. It also seeks to contribute to the richness and diversity of world music through performing and promoting music within and outside the university communit.



The Department of Music and Musicology is committed to academic excellence through the provision of a program that covers various branches in music including performance, musicology, and ethnomusicology and which both stimulates and prepares music students to develop their critical thinking as well as creative and artistic skills as teachers and performers.



  • Provide students with high standard music education and training for careers in education sector and performance.
  • Provide students with opportunities to learn and to play eastern Arabic and western classical instruments.
  • Develop and contribute to the musical life of SQU and the community by presenting and sponsoring music performance events within and outside the university.
  • Inspire music students to utilize music in their communities as a mode of cross-cultural understanding











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