Research Capabilities
   Department of Arabic Language and Literature
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Phonetics studies
  • Discourse analysis
  • Grammatical analysis
  • Metrics and Music
  • Semantics
  • Comparative linguistics
  • Terminology studies
  • Computational linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Arabic and learning
  • Old Arabic Poetry
  • Modern Arabic Poetry
  • Old Arabic Prose
  • Modern Arabic Prose
  • Comparative Literature
  • Old & Modern Criticism


   Department of English Language & Literature
  • Language Editing & Revision
  • English Language Teaching & Learning
  • Legal Translation
  • Media & Press Translation
  • Dialects of Oman
  • Heritage Languages of Oman
  • Qualitative Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis (SPSS)
  • Scientific Translation
  • Religious Translation
  • Oman's Literary Works
  • Literature
  • Theoretical Analysis of Linguistic Data
  • Linguistic Data Collection
  • Creative Writing
  • Sociolinguistics


   Department of History
   Modern and contemporary history
  • Imam Nasir bin Murshid and the establishment of the Yaaroba State
  • Scholars in the era of Yaarubah
  • Sultan bin Saif’s efforts to free the Omani coast
  • Yaaruba and expansion in East Africa
  • Agriculture and land in the era of Yaarubah
  • The endowment and its role in fostering scientific life in the era of Al Yaarubah
  • The Omani fleet during the reign of Al Yaarubah
  • Military architecture in the era of Al Yaarubah state
  • Cultural life in the era of Al Yaarubah state
  • The deterioration of the political situation in the late  Al Yaarubah state
  • Oman Civil War
  • Persian intervention in Oman at the end of Al Yaarubah state
  • The efforts of Imam Ahmad bin Said in uniting Oman, expelling the Persians and establishing the State of Al-Said
  • Omani relations with East Asian countries and India during the rule of Al Busaid state
  • Sayyed Said bin Sultan and expansion in East Africa
  • Trade relations in the era of Al Busaid state
  • Oman and the Araabian Gulf during the era of Al Busaid state
  • Omani-Saudi relations
  • Al Jabal Al Akdhar  Mountain War
  • Sultan Qaboos’s efforts to unite Oman
  • Renaissance during the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos (may Allah rest his soul)
  Islamic History
  • Islam of the people of Oman
  • Oman during the era of the caliphate
  • Oman’s relationship with the Umayyad state
  • The Abbasid State and attempts to control Oman
  • The  Ibadhiya Imamate in Oman
  • Bani Sama State
  • Banu Makram and their role in political life in Oman
  • Boyheon and attempts to control Oman
  • Carmatians and their relations with Oman
  • History and civilization  of Nabahinah in Oman
  • Scientific life in the Islamic era
  • Oman's civilized role in the Islamic era

Ancient history    

  • Historic and archaeological sites
  • Castles and fortresses
  • Omani Ports
  • Aflaj
  • Arabs in Oman before Islam
  • Old irrigation methods





   Department of Mass Communication
  • Mass Communication
  • Journalism and electronic publishing    
  • Broadcasting media    
  • Public relations and advertising    
  • New media
   Department of Tourism
  • Tourism Destination Management, Sustainability and Planning     
  • Hospitality Management Studies       
  • Visitor Behavior and Experience Studies    
  • Crises and disasters Management    
  • Hospitality and Tourism Education    
  • Services Management Researches    
  • Airlines Services Studies    
  • Hospitality and Tourism Manpower Development    


   Department of Geography
  • GIS Science & Geospatial Analytics    
  • Remote sensing Sciences and Image processing    
  • Urban Sustainability and Urbanization trends and their physical and socioeconomic determinants    
  • Spatial and Temporal land use change
  • Demography & Social Changes    
  • Health & Medical Geography    
  • Geomorphological and hydrological processes    
  • Ecosystems and Environmental changes
  • Climate Modeling     
  • Climate policy    
  • Climate fluctuations and human activities at different temporal and spatial scales    
  • Hydroclimatic extremes such as droughts, tropical cyclones, flash floods, and sea level rise    


   Department of Archeology
  • Landscape archaeology
  • Archaeological field methods and techniques    
  • Quantification in archaeology    
  • Ethnoarchaeology    
  • Underwater archaeology
  • Arabian Archaeology    
  • Levant Archaeology    
  • Intangible Heritage    
  • Tangible cultural heritage
  • Ancient Architecture     
  • Ancient Pottery    
  • GIS Application in Archaeology    
  • North Africa Archaeology


   Department of Information Studies
  • Strategic Management
  • Information Management    
  • Knowledge Management    
  • Performance Indicators
  • Arabic Manuscripts    
  • Strategic Planning    
  • Cataloguing and Classification
   Department of Music and Musicology
  • Studies On The Omani Musical Heritage
  • Differences Between Arabic And Western Music Through The Ages    
  • Modern Methods Of Teaching Music    
  • Merging Eastern And Western Instruments Through Various Musical Forms
  • Developing Musical , Singing Skills For Specialized Students Through  Some Compositions Of Musical Composers    
  • Studies On Development Of Musical Creativity    
  • Music In Arab Nationalisms    
   Department of Theatre
  • Folklore application in theater
  • Children's theater.    
  • School theater    
  • Theatrical literature and feminist studies
  • Theater and mythology    
  • Theater theories    
  • Theater and critical studies    
  • History of theatrical costumes
   Department of Sociology and Social Work
   Family, childhood, youth and the elderly:
  • Social change and the structure and functions of the Omani family
  • Intergenerational communication and conflict in Omani society
  • Trends of socialization in contemporary Omani families
  • Family and consumer behaviour in Omani society
  • Citizenship and belonging in the Omani family's socialisation efforts of its children 
  • Determinants of reproductive behaviour in the Omani family
  • Social change and the needs (and problems) of Omani youth
  • Endogamous marriage, early marriage, late marriage, and polygamous marriage
  • Domestic violence
  Population, urbanization and employment:
  • Population structures (age, nationality, education, etc.)
  • Population mobility in all its forms (natural and spatial mobility, and migration)
  • Population and society (manpower and workforce, employment and unemployment, labour market studies, etc.)
  • Urban planning,  problems of population growth and inflation, urban expansion and informal settlement
  Community development:
  • Socio-economic studies and surveys of local communities and their needs
  • Evaluation of community development projects
  • community needs assessment for development plans
  • Socio-economic, cultural and political participation of Omani women
  • Social change and determinants of the social status of women in society
  • Women and the labour market in Omani society
  • Intellectual contributions of contemporary Omani women
  • Satisfaction level among women employees in the public and private sectors
  • Difficulties facing the women workers in Omani society (in the army, in the police, in the private sector, etc.)
  • Administrative, social and cultural problems facing the Omani cultural institutions
  • The socio-cultural role and future of Omani cultural centres
  • Social impacts of community-oriented cultural work (activities/ events/ cultural programs/ theatre/ cinema/ artworks/ music)
  • The role of the Omani cultural products in consolidating identity and national belonging
  • Expatriate culture and the culture of Omani society
  • Culture and social media in Omani society
  • Social change, modernization and cultural challenges
  Social security:
  • Social demographics and security in Omani society
  • Tourism and security in Omani society
  • Social media and security
  • Informal labour and its security consequences
  • Role of national consciousness and sense of citizenship in the establishment of security in society
  • Sexual harassment, prostitution, fugitive women workers, and human trafficking
  • Social problems facing public and private educational institutions
  • Globalization, media, communication technologies and school/university curricula in the Sultanate of Oman
  • Social change and the status of education and teachers
  • The Omani family and the direction  and scope of pursuing education for its children
  • Cooperation between the family and the school in promoting the academic performance of pupils/students
  • Schools and the enhancement of social responsibility among pupils/students
  • School/university curricula and the enhancement of feelings of patriotism, citizenship and belonging
  • Educational institutions and the care for the gifted, talented and creative pupils/students
  • Characteristics of the school environment and their effects on stimulating learning and academic performance
  Social welfare and Social Insurance:
  • Surveying the social research needs of social insurance institutions
  • Challenges in the field of social welfare
  • Awareness of insurance rights and duties among managers  and workers in the operating institutions 
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of insurance programs and services
  • Insurance culture among employers and employees in Omani society
  • Demographic, health, economic and social changes and the social insurance system in Omani society
  • Social insurance, social welfare and quality of life
  • Caring for specific social groups in society: people with disabilities, young people, prisoners, working women, families with low incomes, the elderly, female heads of households,  and the gifted, talented and creative pupils/students
  • Sociocultural challenges to the health sector in Omani society
  • Social factors affecting the performance of workers in public and private health institutions
  • Socio-geographical map of diseases in Omani society
  • Issues, problems and needs of people with disabilities and those with special needs
  • Maternal and child care, public health, and maternal and child health
  • Levels, aspects,  and promotion of health awareness among Omanis
   General areas of research interest:        
  • Social awareness of the need to rationalize the  consumption of electric energy and water in Omani society
  • Analysis of the institutional social conditions and their role in professional performance and production
  • Analysis of the scale of values and its impact on workers' attitudes, professional behaviour, performance and production
  • Analysis of the professional adaptation of workers; of the familial, occupational and environmental factors affecting such  adaptation; and the effect of this adaptation on professional performance
  • Forms of decision-making, levels of performance in institutions, and sub-affiliations of workers in the institutions and their impact on the performance
  • Analysis of the information and communication systems and their impact on the performance of institutions and employees
  • Public opinion polls regarding the role of media and its social impacts
  • Measurement of sectoral public opinion on some current and future issues
  • Social planning and policies
  • NGOs and civil institutions
  • Volunteering and volunteering social work
  • Cultural invasion
  • Social media
  • Strategies of poverty eradication
  • Popular heritage and identity
  • Drug addiction and abuse
  • Environmental conservation