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Academic Program for Mass Communication Department
  • Degree Plan
  • BA in Mass Communication
  • MA in Mass Communication
  • Minor in Journalism and Electronic Publishing



Mass Communication Degree & Study Plan (2018 & after): Journalism & Online Publishing

Mass Communication Degree & Study Plan (2018 & after): Broadcasting

Mass Communication Degree & Study Plan (2018 & after): Public Relations & Advertising





The Bachelor program includes a major and three specializations launched in 2005.

  • Journalism and Electronic Publishing
  • Broadcasting Media
  • Public Relations and Advertising

Bachelor program description:

Final degree   Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications
Scientific category   Social Sciences
Standard time to degree in semesters   Foundation Program + Eight Semesters
Type of degree program   Undergraduate/First Degree
Credit hours   120

 - Journalism and Electronic Publishing
  - Broadcasting Media
  - Public Relations and Advertising

Name of program coordinator/manager

  Dr. Hosni Nasr
  Head of the Mass Communication Department





Master Program description:

 Final degree  Master of Arts
 Scientific category  Social Sciences
 Standard time to degree in semesters  Four Semesters for Full time and Six Semester for Part-Time
 Type of degree program  Postgraduate
 When did the study program start?  Fall 2005
 Type of studies  Full-time or Part Time
 Credit Hours  24 + 6 hrs research project
 Name of program coordinator/manager  Dr. Abdullah Al Kindi
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Journalism and Electronic Publishing is a minor devoted to non-mass com students accounting for (24 credit hours). The minor is offered to students from Departments of Arabic Language, History, Sociology and Social Work.

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