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Academic Program for Geography
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BA in Geography: The BA program consists of four specializations: Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Urban and Regional Planning Environmental Studies Population Studies. 

MA in Geography With student-centered teaching a priority, teaching methods include lectures, presentations, class-discussions, group and pair work, supervised research, written assignments, and the use of the Department’s laboratories.

In addition to teaching, Department members participate regularly in other activities like in-house seminars, research, publication in respected academic journals, and attendances at conferences around the world. In recent years,

Department faculty members have presented papers at conferences in the UAE, Bahrain, Holland, Jordan, India, France, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Jordan, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA. Geography students actively participate in extra-curricular activities and become members of the Geography Student Group which focuses on.



1. Transfer from Outside SQU:

The Geography department does not have any places for students transferring from outside the university.


2. Transfer from outside & inside CASS (other colleges at SQU):

  • Meet the college of CASS transfer criteria (check the CASS criteria in the A&R website)
  • Students desire
  • Number of places available for students transferring in the department
  • Student GPA



. BA admission requirements:                                                                                             

  • Meet the college of CASS admission criteria (check the CASS admission criteria in the central admission website)
  • Students desire
  • Number of places available
  • The English level in both placement and exit tests

2. MA admission required:

  • Meet the college of CASS admission criteria (check the CASS admission criteria in the Postgraduate Deanship website)
  • Pass the interview
  • Number of places available
  • The total average of GPA & interview

Geography Degree & Study Plan (2020 & after): 

Environmental Studies
Geographical Information Systems
Urban Regional Planning
Population Studies

Department Staff