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Prof. Yassine Abdel Rahman Charabi

Prof. Yassine Abdel Rahman Charabi

Head of Department

Geography Department

Geography was first established at SQU in 1986 as a unit in the college of education. In 1987 the department was transferred to college of Arts, and turn into full department in 1993. Since then, the department played a key role in teaching and research in the field of geography. Currently, the department has 18 faculties and 4 supported staff (One GIS and RS technician, one survey technician, one training supervisor and one administrator).

The department has well established facilities that includes two GIS and RS labs (with ARCGIS & ERDAS software), surveying and mapping equipment, and a map library.

Geography provides students with potent research tools such as cartography, GIS and RS techniques. It also endows students with quantitative and qualitative techniques which are necessary for geographic and environmental analysis. These skills help to prepare graduates for careers in both public and private sectors.

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 To be center of excellence in teaching, research and training in geography at the local, regional and international levels.



To provide high quality learning, research and training in the geographical field that promote and challenge individual growth among students.



  • To provide an academic environment that encourages students to inquire and explore geographical knowledge.
  • To develop students' appreciation of geography as an interdisciplinary subject.
  • To assure that geography students develop sound analytical and problem solving skills that make them competitive in the job market.
  • To emphasize critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and digital applications in geography.
  • To promote applied and theoretical research in geography with special emphasis on research of the social value recognized locally and regionally.
  • To provide relevant and practical services to the university and to the local community by promoting faculty and students to provide public lectures, seminars and provision of scientific advice and carry out feasibility studies.



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