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The Department of English Language and Literature conducted an Academic Review of its Literature program between Sept 2015and November 2016. This was part of the university’s current policy to review all programs cyclically. The review was undertaken under the supervision of the Academic Program Review Office, SQU.

The review process consisted of the following three stages:

  1. Program self-study report (SSR) (Fall 2015 – Spring 2106)
  2. International reviewers’ field visit and their assessment report (Fall 2016)
  3. Department’s action plan in response to reviewers’ report (Spring 2017)

The review aimed to:

  1. Appraise the effectiveness of the program in achieving student outcomes.
  2. Assist in enhancing and improving the program.
  3. Align the program with the mission and objectives of the university.
  4. Assist in planning the future of the program.
  5. Comply with national and international quality standards.

The following three international reviewers participated in the academic review of the program in their visit to the Department between 7th – 9th of Nov. 2016:

  1. Professor Claire Connolly, University College Cork, Ireland (Literature)
  2. Professor Robbie Goh, National University of Singapore (Literature)
  3. Professor Miriam Locher, University of Basel, Switzerland (Linguistics)

The review panel considered various aspects of the program by speaking to faculty, students, alumni as well as the administration at the college and university level. They focused on the program curriculum, admission process, the profile of admitted students, the grading system, student advising, faculty recruitment and diversity, faculty research facilities and support.

In response to the Academic Review Report, the department has instituted various committees to study the recommendations of the external reviewers and study the feasibility of changes suggested. The Department Board has subsequently discussed the report in detail and implemented many of the suggestions regarding documenting graduate attributes, enhanced student academic advising, making course-learning outcomes more visible to students and enhancing liaison with the Centre for Preparatory Studies. The department has also established a B.A Program Development committee which will explore the nature of a new program, keeping in mind the students and their professional requirements. This is being done meticulously, following a process of surveying stakeholders, environment scanning of similar programs across the world and in the region, basing the results of that data to establish the new program. The final, revised program will be submitted to the university by December, 2019.

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