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Dr. Ali Said Al- Riyami
Head of  





The department of History at Sultan Qaboos University became independent in 1993, with its own specific programs starting with B.A courses, then M.A degree in 2002 and Ph.D in 2010. These programs deal with ancient, Islamic , medieval, modern and contemporary history of Oman, the Arab and Islamic countries, and world history. 

The major goal of the department is to graduate qualified student and researchers in the fields of history. The department implements advanced teaching methods in lectures, seminars and presentations, using modern educational tools. In additions to classroom courses, students experience field trips to historical and archaeological sites, museums, archives and libraries, inside and outside the sultanate. 

The department of history is entrusted with teaching university as well as faculty requirement subjects, dealing respectively with "The history of Oman and the Islamic civilization", and "An Introduction to History and Civilization". 

The department offers a major program in history, in addition to minor programs destined to other departments in the college of Arts and social sciences, and to students of the college of education. 

The department welcomes Omani and International students in the PhD and M.B. programs in Islamic and modem history. Announcements for potential candidates for both programs are made between January and March every year. 

 The History Department endeavors to distinguish itself among history Departments in the Gulf region by offering an outstanding educational and research program that aims to establish a new generation of competent researchers who can contribute to the advancement of their communities.
The Department’s mission is to provide an outstanding educational and research program, which prepares distinguished specialists in the areas of research, teaching, and consultation.

The Department aims to:

  • Prepare a generation of specialists in various areas of history with outstanding expertise in their field of specialization.
  • Provide academic orientation for a generation of researchers in the areas of research, historical studies and authentication in order to promote wider understanding of Oman’s status in human civilization.
  • Develop students’ research capabilities through participation in seminars, conferences and workshops conducted by concerned ministries.


DrAli      Dr. Ali b. Said Al- Riyami
Islamic History  Assistant Professor
PhD, Jordan University, Oman, 2013
 Extension: 2065
Office No: 2474         


 Dr. Mohammad Alkadhat
Islamic History Associate Professor
PhD , The University of Jordan,Jordan,2000
Extension: 1664
Office No: 2478


Bader     Dr. Badar b. Hilal Al Alawi
Head of the Department
Islamic History Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Manchester, UK, 2003
College of Arts Extension: 2086
Extension: 1670
Office No: 2484



Ibrahim      Dr. Ibrahim Yehia Al Busaidi
Modern History  Assistant Professor
PhD, Lisboa University, Portugal, 2011
Extension: 1656
Office No: 2482

blank     Mrs. Amira Sulaiman Al-Harthi

MA, University of Newcastle, UK, 2016
Extension: 2086
Office No: 2479


- Plans 2010 & after (Major & Minor)

Plans 2018 & after (Major & Minor)


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Ministry of Heritage and Culture


Ministry of Higher Education


G.C.C Society for History and Archaeology


Saudi Historical Society


Arab History Society


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History Department University of Jordan


United Arab Emirates University, History and Archaeology Department


Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University


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