Biochemistry PHD program
  • Biochemistry

The PhD program is based primarily on research and includes at least three years of full-time supervised research. The program will also include the presentation of a detailed thesis proposal, and at least two seminars. At successful completion of the program, PhD students are required to produce a thesis containing original work of suitable merit that demonstrates their command of the relevant research methodology and ability to undertake independent research.

  • Research interest

The department is involved in basic (experimental), clinical, and epidemiological research which includes the following topics:

• Genetics of single gene and polygenic disorders

• Obesity

• Metabolic diseases

• Lipid Metabolism

• Nutrition

• Antioxidants and oxidative stress

• Atherosclerosis

• Mineral disorders

• Deafness

• Genetics of malaria parasites

• Cytogenetics and molecular genetics of leukemia and solid tumors

• Proteomics

• Inflammatory diseases

• Cellular signaling

  • Contact and coordinator

Dr. Marit P. Delghandi


Tel: +968 2414 (1115)