Department of English Language and Literature

 The Department of English aspires to assume a leading position in the region in terms of high quality teaching and innovative research in areas related to English language, literature, linguistics and translation.
The Department’s mission is to provide a stimulating and dynamic environment for innovative teaching, scholarship and research sustained by collaborative work in its four areas of language, literature, linguistics and translation. Committed to relevant best practice, the Department works to provide students with advanced practical, critical and interpretative skills vital for career success, future study, and effective citizenship. The Department also aims to produce well-trained, informed graduates able to think critically, express themselves and play active roles in society and future careers.

The Department aims to produce graduates:

  1. capable of independent, creative and academic achievement and equipped with a range of specialized and transferrable skills, including the high-order conceptual, literacy and communication skills valued in graduate employment.
  2. committed to furthering their personal, intellectual, social and professional development through English.
  3. equipped with broad knowledge and understanding of the range of human experience acquired through the reading and study of language and literature in all its forms and through a wide range of translation and intercultural studies.
  4. capable of facilitating cross-cultural communication through written and oral translation.
  5. culturally aware of their own identity and their role in a multicultural and multilingual society.