The Tourism Department aspires to become a leading national, regional and international center of excellence in tourism and hospitality teaching, research and community service.
The Tourism Department is committed to academic excellence, and distinction in research and community service through the provision of stimulating educational programs and learning activities in an environment that foster creative and critical thinking, effective communication skills and freedom of expression and social responsibility. Graduates are prepared to engage in life-long learning and to carry out tourism and hospitality career responsibilities with competence.  
  1.    Provide a high standard education suitable for individuals seeking employment as professionals in tourism and hospitality.
2.    Supply the national, regional, and international tourist market with the professional human resources required in different fields of tourism and hospitality.
3.    Cultivate in graduates the ability to communicate and work effectively in multicultural environments.
4.    Study current cultural, economic, and social issues that shape and affect tourism and hospitality.
5.    Assume a leading role in community service and social responsibility nationally, regionally, and internationally.
6.    Provide students with opportunities through training to develop their skills, capacities, and creativity for personal and professional development