CEPS Risk Management
  • Overview
  • Members of the team
  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Forms

Risk management is a fundamental concern in any organisation to manage uncertainty by identifying and understanding risk and modifying it where necessary. CEPS, Risk Management is considered as ongoing process which involves identifying, assessing and risks. Risk management team take the necessary actions to mitigate or anticipate risks within CEPS facilities by encouraging all faculty, staff and students to report any incident immediately through e-mail of filling up incident form. In addition, Risk Management team monitor and review the processes in dealing with each incident professional.

1. Dr. Aseela Al Harthi (Chair).
    Ext. 6708 
    E-mail: aseela@squ.edu.om


2. Dr. Asma Al Zaidi (ADUS
    Ext. 1842  
    E-mail: alzidia@squ.edu.om


3. Mr. Said Al Muharrami – Member and rapporteur
    Ext. 1800
    E-mail: sam@squ.edu.om


4. Ms. Asma Al-Rahbi - member (OBMS)
    E-mail: Asma.alrahbi@squ.edu.om


5. Mr. Sami Al- Wahaibi – member (CEPS Information Center)  
    Ext. 1801
    E-mail: alwahaibi@squ.edu.om


6. Mr. Ahmed Al-Sulaimani - member (ADTCS)
    Ext. 1831
    E-mail: ahmedns@squ.edu.om


7. Ms. Nada A- Mahroouqi - member (ADPSR)
    Ext. 2972
    Email: nada@squ.edu.om


8. Ms. Asma Al-Shibli - member (ECON/FINA)
    Ext. 1843
    E-mail: alshibli@squ.edu.om


9. Ms. Badriya Al-Kharusi - member (POL)
    E-mail: badriya5@squ.edu.om


10. Mr. Nasser Al-Yarabi – member (INFS)
    Ext. 1970
    E-mail: n.alyarabi@squ.edu.om


11. Ms. Fatma Al-Zadjali – member (MNGT)
    Ext. 1841
    E-mail: f.alzadjali@squ.edu.om


12. Ms. Bushra Al Naabi, member (BCOM)
    Ext. 1852
    E-mail: b.alnaabi@squ.edu.om

  • Taking the necessary measures to implement the risk management procedures of the academic, security and peace for guidance issued by the main risk committee and risk management office.
  • Adopting security and safety measures for facilities, equipment, means and equipment.
  • Guiding and warning of staff and students.
  • Arrange training programs for the use of security and safety equipment.
  • Coordinating with the decision of the main committee of risks at the university wherever the need arises.
  • Developing a risk register at the level of the college and review, it continuously according to the criteria of the risk management policy.
  • Providing the required information to the university's Risk Management Office for assessing the commitment of the college.    
  • Keep record of incidents.
  • Discuss any issues and come up with plans that facilitate the process of safety and security at CEPS.