Media And Marketing

The College of Economics and Political Science at Sultan Qaboos University recognizes that effective media and marketing communication are central to the success of any enterprise and very essential in its effort to advance its position among different partners and stakeholders. The college effective communication strategy is done through media relation, direct mail, promotional videos, web pages, advertising, brochures, radio and television, social media and other means. The office of assistant dean for training and community services helps to facilitate the integration of media and marketing activities across the college with representatives from different departments and experts. These activities include, but not limited to:

  • General media relations. This include press release, faculty expert and executive education database.
  • CEPS webpage. This include all the content of the current CEPS website and the news section.
  • Promotional videos. This refers to any television and media commercials and videos used to highlight the accomplishment of the college.
  • Advertising. Any brochures, newspaper and magazine.
  • Publications.
  • College Logos and Identity.
  • Social media. Given that the CEPS already have their built-in community twitter, Instagram and YouTube will be the best place to inform and engage with our current students, prospective students, alumni, faculty and the society. CEPS research publication, conferences, award-winners, innovation in teaching and learning, and events are part of the content shared in the official accounts.