International Exchange Programs

International Student Exchange Program
The College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS) student Exchange Program allows our student to travel abroad and study at one of CEPS internationally recognized partner institutions for one semester. The program is a formal agreement between CEPS and partner institutions that enables CEPS students to benefit from the opportunity of experiencing unparalleled exposure to academics, culture and business outside Oman for a few months. The expected lessons learned from such experience are far beyond any lessons taught in the classrooms.



CEPS Students Benefits
1. Represent your home culture abroad and learn different international culture.
2. Refine your communication skills and language by interacting with international professors and students.
3. Socializing and networking with students from different backgrounds.
4. Become mature and more independent, and acquire needed life skills.
5. Broaden your knowledge and education.

(The eligibility criteria is based on the Deanship of Admission and Registration Undergraduate Academic Regulations)
A-2-2. Outgoing Students
SQU students who wish to undertake the Exchange Programme at another higher education institution should fulfil the following:
1. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70, in addition to completing 60 credits of their degree plan and not be in their final year.
2. Should apply in writing to their Head of Department. The request should be discussed at the Departmental Academic Curriculum Committee.
3. The request should be forwarded to the Deanship of Admission and Registration for final approval.
4. An approved request for departure will go to the concerned College and the Office of International Cooperation.
Students should be aware of the following:
1. A maximum of one academic year is allowed with full time study at the host institution.
2. Policies and academic regulations of the host institution must be complied.
3. SQU has no responsibility for financing the students during their study abroad.
4. Approved credits passed with a grade equivalent to at least “C” within the SQU system will be recorded as Transfer Credits (TC) and counted towards the credit total of the degree, but not calculated in the cumulative GPA.
5. Official transcripts from the host institution will be required to complete the process.
A-3-1. Visiting Students from International Higher Educational Institutions
Students who wish to take credit courses from SQU must fulfil the following conditions:
1. Should be from a recognized International Higher Educational Institution.
2. Have completed 60 credits or more (or equivalent).
3. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.70 on a 4-point scale or equivalent.
4. Admission depends on available seats, to be decided in coordination with the concerned college.
Students should be aware of the following:
1. Students can be enrolled at SQU for a maximum of two regular semesters excluding summer semester.
2. Students must comply with relevant SQU academic regulations.

Credit Transfer
All courses taken by CEPS students at the partner institutions will be granted toward the B.Sc. program. However, courses must be approved by the department, assistant dean for undergraduate studies and Sultan Qaboos University admission and registration.

Tuition and Cost
The tuition fees are free for all CEPS registered students and partner institutions will provide housing to the students. CEPS Students are responsible for the cost of travel, transportation, meals, medical and other living and personal expenses.



Eligible Students must fill in the CEPS student exchange form. All applications must be submitted to ADTCS by email to no later than November 30 for the fall semester and March 31 for the spring semester.
Required Documents:
1. Complete application form.
2. CV.
3. Transcript.
4. Course description.
List of universities for CEPS students exchange program
1. Marmara University, Turkey (Tuition fees are waived and accommodation provided by Marmara University).
2. University of Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam (Tuition fees are waived).
3. Temasek Polytechnic College, Singapore (Tuition fees are waived).
4. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU), Germany (Tuition fees are waived).



List of Universities (International Students Coming to CEPS)
No. Institutions    Country
1 University of Georgia    United States
2 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat     Germany

List of Universities (CEPS Students Going Internationally)
No. Institutions           Country
1 Marmara University           Turkey



For further details and inquiries about International Exchange Programs kindly contact the ADUS Office via email: