Management Department

The Department of Management is an important constituent of the College of Economics and Political Science(CEPS). Being an integral part of CEPS and consistent with its vision and mission, the Department of Management endeavors to provide leading-edge education in business management, essential for sustainable business practices in a globalized competitive economy. The Department strives to equip students with managerial, leadership, strategic thinking, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills essential for today's business graduates. The Department currently offers a B.Sc. in Management. Our program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded education in business management to enhance students’ employability and career prospects. Our degree plan includes a broad range of core and elective courses that span different areas of management. Such areas include Business Strategy, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, InternationalBusiness and Leadership. The Department is currently working to introduce undergraduate specializations in Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. We also plan to develop new postgraduate programs. In our teaching, we combine theory and practice, and our courses often include practical projects so that students have the ability to apply business theory to real situations. We place a strong emphasis on the practical skills essential to successful management careers. In doing so, we supplement lectures with case studies, in-class exercises, assignments, videos, projects, and field trips.

We pride ourselves on our academically renowned and internationally diverse team with a strong profile in teaching and research. Our team has expertise in various areas of management and holds doctorate degrees from world-class universities. Our research is not only recognized internationally but also informs our teaching,business leaders and policy makers.