The ADTCS also handles alumni connections with the cooperation of the external relations committee. This mainly manifests in three elements:


  • Holding alumni gatherings (either college-wide based or department based).
  • Develop database of alumni and their posts upon graduation.
  • Seek alumni feedback about college programs either through surveys or formed alumni boards/clubs.
  • Invite alumni to college based events and seek their support when needed.

Alumni Gathering


  • To extend the CEPS student connection beyond graduation to create a strong lifelong bond with the university.
  • Promote the achievements of the CEPS Alumni
  • Establish a relationship between graduates and the university
  • Promote communication amongst graduates and the community
  • Create a powerful professional network for CEPS



Alumni Events
On April 1, 2014, the ADTCS organized the first Alumni Gathering event. The event we very well received by the graduates, the members of the college and by the community. An online electronic registration form was created for the purpose of creating a database of up-to-date Alumni information. The collected information is to be used for the purposes of communicating with graduates, promoting the college programs, and built a strong lifelong relationship with CEPS graduates. The second alumni gathering organized on November 15, 2017 under the patronage of H.E Sheikh Abdullah bin Salim Al Salmi, CEO of Capital Market Authority and the Chair of College Advisory Board.