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Application for Major (Cohort 2010 Onwards.):

A student is eligible to apply for a major by satisfying the following two criteria:

  • Student must pass all of the following 15 Pre-Major Courses:

















Major Selection Criteria:

  • The College Board determines and approves the maximum number of students for each major it intends to accept for the upcoming semester based on resource availability and departmental capacity.
  • Please note that the College Board has approved only one cycle in the major allocation process for each student starting from Spring 2012.
  • Students will compete for the number of seats in their preferred major based on their GPA in 15 pre-major courses (Degree Plan 2010 and after).
  • The allocation to the majors will be based on the GPA in the relevant pre-major courses, with priority given to students with the highest GPA on those relevant pre-major courses.

Procedure for Application:

  • The Office of Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies will send an email to the with the instructions for applications. Students must follow all the instruction to be accepted for the application.
  • Students must rank the 8 Majors according to their preference from 1 ( most preferred) to 8 ( leastpreferred).
  • Students are advised to discuss their major selection with their advisors.

Procedure for Assigning Major:

  • The office of Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies will process the Major Applications.
  • All applicants will be checked as per the major criteria. If a student is not eligible for the major, their application will be dropped.
  • The final results will announced before the semester starts.
  • Once the major is assigned based on the above mentioned criteria no changes will be allowed.


Requests and appeals related to the Major Application, Selections, Criteria, Procedures and Assignments should be addressed directly to the Dean ofthe College of Commerce and Economics. The Dean will convene an Appeals Committee to look into the appeals. The Dean will be sharing the committee. The decision of the committee on the appeal will be final.

Postponement of Major Selection:

The College will not be responsible for graduation delays, absence of courses and other consequences for students who choose to postpone majoring.