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The Unit Responsibilities


  • Prepare and draft an academic accreditation roadmap for academic units in the university.
  • Communicate with other relevant units within the College/CPS and the university on issues related to quality assurance and accreditation.
  • Supervise quality assurance and accreditation activities in on-program colleges and coordinate with departments in multi-program colleges.
  • Follow up the implementation of quality assurance and academic accreditation process in the college
  • Prepare regular reports to the Dean about the quality assurance and academic accreditation process to be presented to the College Board.  The same reports will be transferred to the concerned DVCs and QAO.
  • Carry out the logistical activities related to quality assurance and academic accreditation process in coordination with relevant university units.
  • Collect and file data in the appropriate format required by institutional accreditation.




Dr. Zainab Al Balushi

  • Title: Assistant Professor, Head of the Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit.
  • Office No. G35
  • Ext. 2948
  • Email:  zeinaba@squ.edu.om
  • Field of Interest: Supply Chain Management - Logistics Management - Management Science - Service Operations Management- Supply Chain Uncertainty/Risk/Crisis Management, Sustainability/CSR in Supply Chain, Quality/ Performance Management,  4IR/Digital Transformation in Logistics, and Logistics Education. 
  • Education: Ph.D. Business and Economics- Research Area: Supply Chain Management, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2012Master of Commerce (MCom.) in Management (Honors), Major: Supply Chain Management, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2008Master of Logistics Management (Distinction), University of Sydney, Australia, 2005Bachelor of Science (BSc.) Commerce and Economics (Honors), Major: Operations Management








Muna Al Yaqeeb.

  • Title: Coordination & Follow Up & Archieve Specialist.
  • Office No. CE-102              
  • Ext. 6712
  • Email:  munasalim@squ.edu.om


  1. Dr. Zainab Al Balushi, Head of  Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation Unit
  2. Dr. Syed Mujahed, Associate Professor (Chair)
  3. Dr. Salem Al AbriAssistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies & Research
  4. Dr. Asma Al Zidi, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  5. Dr. Sami Al KharousiAssistant Dean for Training and Community Service
  6. Dr. Ahmed El Bouri, Associate Professor
  7. Dr. Nisar AhmedAssociate Professor
  8. Dr. Rawan Kennedy, Assistant Professor
  9. Dr. Thilina Niroshan Kuruppu, Assistant Professor
  10. Dr.Victoria Dauletova, Assistant Professor
  11. Dr.Syedeh Khadijeh Taghizadeh, Assistant Professor
  12. Ms.Muna Al Yaqeeb, Coordination & Follow-Up & Archive Specialist

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