Accounting Department


Accounting is the language of business and commerce. Accountants collect, classify and communicate information about the activities of an organization to managers, investors, lenders, employees and regulators. The scope of accounting applies to all types of organization whether private enterprize or governmental as well as for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. Without accounting and accountants, organisations including governmental and international bodies cannot function. The demand for accounting and accountants is very strong and continues to grow.

To meet this demand, the Department of Accounting educates and trains Accounting Major students to prepare them for a career in accounting in a modern, complex, dynamic and international economy. The Department offers a range of courses from an introductory to an advanced level. The advanced level courses cover the major accounting areas including financial accounting, management accounting and auditing. These courses are taught by highly-qualified faculty using teaching materials and aids of a very high standard.

There are numerous employment and business opportunities for our graduates. They have the opportunity to work as accountants in both financial and management accounting or auditing in any type of organization in the private and public sectors. Following graduation many of our graduates obtain professional accounting qualifications such as A.C.C.A, C.I.M.A, C.P.A, and others. A combination of an Accounting Degree with a professional qualification, provides an excellent basis for a career as a Chief Financial Officer , a Partner or Senior Manager in a firm of Auditors and /or Consultants and also in Senior General Management such as a Chief Executive Officer. International surveys show that the remuneration packages for accountants make it amongst the highest paid and rewarded professions both nationally and internationally. Over the years many of our graduates have obtained employment at senior levels in a number of well-known government and private organizations both in Oman and internationally