Marketing Department


The Marketing Department at College of Economics and Political Science (CEPS) is at the forefront of providing leading edge marketing education to aspiring professionals. The Department equips students with tools and techniques to successfully understand customer needs, develop marketing strategies and launch marketing campaigns for products and services. Students are offered courses that provide them a solid foundation in marketing management, consumer behaviour, advertising and promotion, marketing research, international marketing and marketing of services. Students are also offered a breadth of elective courses to bolster their expertise in areas of their choice.

The Marketing Department endeavours to follow participating centred learning by supplementing lectures with case studies, in-class exercises, assignments, videos, projects, and field trips. Although the Department offers an international curriculum, it localizes it by including local examples and context. Student’s participation is strongly encouraged and class sessions are made interactive by asking thought provoking questions to stimulate student’s mind. One of the most advanced teaching pedagogy is business simulations and Marketing is one of the first departments at SQU to provide its students opportunities to make real life decisions with bottom line financial impact in a simulated environment by forming companies and competing with rivals for market share and profitability.

Marketing Faculty members are graduates of leading business school from Europe and North America. They regularly present papers in international conferences and publish in reputable journals. Research interests of faculty include consumer behaviour, branding strategies, country image, content analysis, digital marketing, social marketing, etc.