Genetics PHD program


The PhD program in the Department of Genetics is designed to produce high caliber scientists with various capabilities as independent researchers in the field of Genetics and Genomics to fill highly specialized positions related to Genetics at different institutions including, universities, hospitals, research institutes and others.

Doctoral candidates are required to produce a thesis containing original work of suitable merit to demonstrate their command of the relevant research methodology and their ability to undertake independent research. The thesis should make a significant contribution to the body of knowledge in the specific area, as demonstrated by at least one paper being published or accepted for publication in an international, specialized, refereed journal. The student should identify the research problem in consultation with the supervisor, which normally takes place at the time of application. Whilst there is no minimum course work requirement, a program or Thesis Committee may specify certain course work requirements which are deemed to be in the candidate’s interest. These requirements must be completed within the first year of study.


Research interests

Our research at the department of Genetics includes studies to advance our understanding of genetic disorders at both the clinical and molecular levels. We focus on translational research where we apply findings in basic science research and the advances of the latest next generation sequencing technologies to enhance our community health and well-being. Many of us are involved in gene discovery research, studying monogenic conditions like neurodevelopmental disorders or complex/polygenic disorders like diabetes mellitus.


Contact and coordinator

Dr. Almundher Al Maawali


Tel: +968 2414 (3444)


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