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Human and Clinical Anatomy

The discipline of Anatomy encompasses the study of a number subspecialties that deals with human morphology. Apart from the study of the macroscopic (gross) morphology of the human body it also relates to the study of body tissues at their microscopic, ultra-structural and cytogenetic levels. In addition, developmental anatomy is very relevant since structural malformations have clinical impact upon the wellbeing of the individual. Topographical Anatomy is best studied in the Practical Anatomy Laboratory. However, not only does this include study of the cadaver by dissection but also considerable attention is given to the anatomy of the living subject. This includes familiarity with all the various forms of modern imaging techniques and their applications.

The MSc program combines course work in addition to research leading to a thesis. The student should complete the course work requirements specified in the degree plan with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00. For the thesis, the candidate is required to conduct the necessary literature search, undertake the research, analyse the results, write the report and communicate the results at an oral defense. This work needs to be original research or a new application of ideas. The student should identify the research problem in consultation with the supervisor, which normally takes place in the second semester. The student should register for the thesis in the third semester after having completed at least 12 credits of the course work.


  • Degree Plan

Course Code

Course Title




Major Courses (24 Credits)


METH 6001

Research Methodology & Critical Analysis of Scientific Information


EPIS 6000

Statistics and Computers


ANAT 6001

Gross Anatomy I


ANAT 6002

Gross Anatomy II


ANAT 6003

Human Development


ANAT 6004

Cell and Tissue Biology


ANAT 7001




Elective Courses (6 Credits) *



Elective 1



Elective 2


* Any courses selected by the student and offered for MSc from the university.



Research interests

  1. Gross Anatomy
  2. Microanatomy in Health and Disease/ Cell Characterization
  3. Radiological Anatomy
  4. Clinical Anatomy
  5. Embryology and developmental anatomy
  6. Neuroanatomy
  7. Anatomical Sciences Education
  8. Cardiovascular Research
  9. Stem Cell Research
  10. Cancer Research
  11. Infertility and Fertility Preservation
  12. Regenerative Medicine Research
  13. Developmental Genetics
  14. Zebrafish as a Cancer Research Model
  15. Genetically Inherited Diseases Modeling in Zebrafish
  16. Genetic Imprinting
  17. Neural Crest Research
  18. Proteomics and Omics
  19. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
  20. Medical Education


Contact and coordinator

Dr. Ruqaiya Al Jabri


Tel: +968 2414 (3428)


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