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Allied Health Sciences

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 Research Interest


Dr. Shadia Al Bahlani

·Cancer Research

·Molecular biology

·Anti-cancer drugs

·Cell signaling

Dr. Mohamed-Rachid Boulassel

·Role of Regulatory Cells in Malignant and Non-malignant Haematological Disorders.

·Immune-based Therapies for Haematological Disorders. and Translational Research

Dr. Nasar Al Wahaibi

·Chemical hepatocarcinogenesis

·Selenium chemoprevention

·Histopathology and gene expression markers (p53, bcl-2 and NF-kB)

·Skin registry and Renal registry

Anesthesia and Intensive care

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Dr. Abdur Rahman Abd

·Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia & Pain Management

·CPR and Quality Resuscitation

Dr. Aravind Narayanan

·CPR and Quality in Resuscitation

·Paediatric & Neonatal Anaesthesia

·Ultrasonography in Airway Management

Dr. Jyoti Burad


·RV function with different ventilatory modes for ARDS

Dr. Mohamed Al Ismaili


·Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia

Dr. Rahul Shabadi

·Perioperative Echocardiography

Dr. Rohit Date

·USG arterial line cannulation

·Peri operative cardiography.

·Tunneled catheter techniques

Dr. Zeyad Waad Allah

·Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia

Behavioral Medicine


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 Five Major Publications  E-mail

Dr Ahmed Al Sinawi






Dr. Marwan Al-Sharbati





·Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


·Social Anxiety Disorder


·Epidemiology of child psychiatric disorders

Dr. Rodger Martin


·Eating disorders

·Social & Cultural Psychiatry

Prof. Samir Al-Adawi

·Psychosomatic and social medicine 

Dr. Ziad AJ Zaidan


·Neuropsychiatric and biological basis of mental disorders

·Alcohol and drug dependence

·Suicidal Behavior

·Imaging & Schizophrenia



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Research Interest


Dr Fahad Al Zadjali

·Molecular understanding and growth hormone sensivity and role in human disease

·Proteomic analysis of secretory problems

·Identification of novel tumor suppressor genes

Prof. Hamza Babiker

·Human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum investigating the basic genetics of this organism in sites with variable intensity of transmission, with particular emphasis biology of sexual stages and evolution of drug resistance.

·Fitness cost of drug resistance

·Evolution and spread of drug resistant parasites

Dr. Jumana Saleh

·Fat storage factors in obesity and hyperlipidemic disorders: The role of the acylation stimulating protein.

·Small dense low density lipoprotein (sdLDL) in relation to atherosclerosis risk factors.

Dr. Khalid Al-Rassadi

·Lipid and lipoprotein metabolic disorders. Familial hypercholesterolemia management and genetic cascade screening. Familial hypoalphalipoprotenimia (low HDL-C) management and genetic screening.

Dr. Khalid Al-Waili

·Cardiovascular risk assessment using Framingham risk stratification, biochemical markers and Radiological measurements.

·Lipid and lipoprotein metabolic disorders. Familial hypercholesterolemia and Familial hypoalphalipoprotenimia (low HDL-C) management and genetic screening.

Dr. Marit Delghandi

·Genetic studies of the Vitamin D binding protein (DBP) in healthy Omani individuals.

·Genetic studies of the Dopamine receptor D4 gene (DRD4) as a candidate gene for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in Omani children.

·Genetic studies of the Sodium ion channel gene (SCN5A) as a possible candidate gene for a unique irregularity in heart rhythm observed in some individuals of the Oman Family Study.

Dr. Nadia Al- Wardy

·Genetics of Syndromic and Non-Syndromic Deafness in Oman

·Assessment and Faculty Development in Medical Education

Dr. Nafila Al-Riyami

·Role of the laboratory in diagnosis and management of dyslipidemias especially the metabolic syndrome, primary and rare lipid disorders.

·Identification and reporting of rare but important interferences in the laboratory as part of overall laboratory quality management and improvement.

·Establishment of population based reference intervals for most analytes in the laboratory including in pregnancy

Dr. Yahya Tamimi

·Studying the status of genes controlling apoptosis and proliferation in lymphoma

·Studying the K-ras pathway in colorectal

·Genetic Regulation: Identifying and characterizing genes

·Studying and monitoring the expression levels of Th1 and Th2 type cytokines (IFN-γ, IL-2, IL12, IL-4, IL-5, IL-10, and VEGF) in colorectal cancer

Dr. Yajnavalka Banerjee

·Snake Venom Toxicomics: Identification and Characterization of novel antimicrobial and haemostatically active proteins from snake venoms using proteomic and transcriptomic tools.

·Coagulation Biochemistry and Lipidomics: Insights into the action of key coagulation proteins using lipids of minor physiological abundance as molecular probes.

·Antihypertensive drug therapy (AHD) and cancer: Understanding the plausible molecular mechanism via which AHD might mediate cancer.

Child Health

Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr Amna Al Futaisi

·Pediatric Neurology cases

Dr. Abdulhakim AlRawas

·Outcome in Child Health Leukemia

·Outcome in Hemoglobinopathy in Oman

·Outcome in Pediatric Normal Bone Marrow Transplant

Dr. Hussein Al Kindy

·Cystic Fibrosis Clinical And Genetic Profile In Omani Patients

·RSV On Other Respiratory Viruses

·Pulmonary Function Test In Sickle Cell Disorders

Dr. Khalfan Al Senaidi

·Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Muna Al Saadoon

·Psychosocial Pediatric

·Mental illnesses Associated With Children Care

·Social Medicine In Oman

·Community Health

Dr Reem Al Abdawani

·Pediatric Rheumatology cases

Dr. Saif Al Yaarubi

·Pediatric Endocrinology

·Mental Illnesses Associated With Children Care

·Social Medicine In Oman

·Community Health

Dr. Salem Al Tamemi

·Epidemiology Of Allergic And Immunologic Diseases In Oman

·Novel Primary Immunodeficiency In Oman

Dr. Surendranath Joshi

·Pediatric And Adult Inherited Metabolic Disorders and Genetics Of Metabolic Disorders

·Sociogeographic Distribution Of IEM To Detect Founder Gene Effect

·Genetic And Parental Counselling

·Newborn Screening Program For IEM

·National Registry System For IEM


Dr. Watfa Al-Mamari

·Development & Behavioral in Pediatrics

·Global Development in Pediatrics

·Intellectual delay Disabilities

·Learning Disabilities , ADHD

·Speech and Language Disorder

Prof. Yasser Wali

·Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

Prof. Zakiya Al- Lamki

·Childhood Leukemia and Bleeding Disorders

·Hemoalobinopathies (Sickle Cell and Thalassemia)

·Pediatric Hematological Disorders In Oman

·Genetics Of Blood Disorders

Emergency Medicine

Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Dr. Abdullah Al Reesi

·Hematological Emergencies
Sickle Cell disorder

·Trauma research (trauma data- base),

Dr. Khalfan Al Amrani

·Triage and Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Critical Care

Dr. Marwan Al Raisi

·Pediatric emergency

·Patient management in EMD

Dr. Nabil Al Zadjali

·The clinical management of Emergency Medicine

Dr. Suad Al Abri

·Clinical Texicology

Dr. Hilal Al Barwani

·Pediatric Emergency and Quality

Dr. Jabeen

·Pediatric Emergency and Quality

Family Medicine and Public Health

Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Mahrezi

··Chronic pain


··Palliative care


··Diabetes mellitus

Dr. Ahmed Al Mandhari

··Quality of health care services

··Patients' safety

·Health care seeking behaviour and role of media and other factors on such behaviour

Dr. Aisha Al Hinai

·Prevention of breast cancer among Omani women

·Statistical Methods in clinical research

·Design and conduct of epide miological studies

··Women Health


Dr. Chander Kumar

·Diabetes Mellitus



·Health promotion and prevention

Dr. Ana Maria Anido

·Principal Investigator ( P.I) of "Epidemiology & Genetics of Keloids" research approved by the Ethics Committee and undergoing at the moment.

·Dermatology of Skin of Color

·Cosmetic Dermatology


Dr. Hana Al Sumari

·Quantitative epidemiological studies

·Women Health and child health (poly cystic ovarian syndrome)

·Prevalence and determinanats of contraception use

·Women empoerment and it relation to their health

Dr. Imran Saad Azmi

·Pre-Employment health medical checkups.

·Providing holistic care to patient.

·Care of Chronic Condition.

·(Hypertension, Diabetes melltus,Dyslipidemia)

Dr. Kawther Al Shafie

·Diabetes mellitus



·Thyroid diseases


Dr. Mohammed Al-Azri

·Continuity of care

·Relationship between continuity and quality of care and Patient-doctor relationship

·Coping with the diagnosis of breast cancer in Omani patients

·Health service research in primary care

·Depression in primary care

·Management of chronic diseases in primary care

Dr. Mustafa Al Hiani

·Road traffic injuries as a public health issue in Oman.

·Prevention and treatment of dyslipidaemia and arthrosclerosis among young Omanis

·Prevention and treatment of gastritis among Omanis

Dr. Nafisa Samir

.Thyroid disorder

. Hypertension

· . Obesity

· . Osteoarthritis

Dr. Rahma Al Kindi

·Diabetes mellitus: Complementary and alternative medicine

·Breast and cervical cancer screening

·Women's health issues e.g. Osteoporosis, contraception, dysmenorrhea, menopause

Dr. Robin Davidson

. Patients' expectations from a consultation

. Patient involvement in consultations

. Use of resources in primary care consultations

. Multiple attendances at different health care facilities

Dr. Sayed Rizvi

·Topics related to Medical Statistics

·Statistics in Environmental & Social Sciences

·Quality Control in Health Management

·Clinical trials

Prof. Shyam Ganguly

·Statistical modeling in Epidemiological Studies.

·Epidemiological methods in research

·Epidemiological modeling in chronic diseases and metabolic syndrome

·Health information system

·Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS

Dr.Vrunda Pimpalkhute

. Primary secondary and tertiory prevention of chronic diseases

. Complementary and alternative medicine,research in both Heamoglobinopathy trait cases counsiling clinic

Dr. Yahya Al Farsi

·Autistic spectrum disorders

·Maternal and Child Health

·Research methodology

Dr. Zakiya Al Busaidi


·Mental health in PHC

·Help seeking behaviour in PHC

·Health promotion

. smoking and tobbaco use and treatment.

. lifle style related diseases in PHC



Researcher Name

C Research Interest


Dr A.M Udayakumar

·Causes of recurrent miscarriage

Dr Fathiya Al-Murshedi

·Metabolic & Neuro-degenerative disorders

Dr Khalid Al-Thihli

·Metabolic Disorders

Dr Patrick Scott

·To expand our knowledge of the genetic variations and associated phenotypic features contributing to disease;

·To determine the optimal patient selection criteria for molecular testing according to clinical circumstances;

·To evaluate new and emerging technologies and their potential roles for better molecular diagnostics.

Dr Rayhanah Al Mejini

·Understand how genetic factors influence biological process that contribute to optic neuropathies and neurological disorders.

·Assess the application of regeneration processes in the treatment of damaged nerves cells.




 Research Interest


Dr. Anil Pathare



·Haemoglobinopathy preventions

Dr. Arwa Al Riyami.


·Transfusion Medicine

·Malignant Hematology

·Benign Hematology

Dr. David Dennison

·Bone Marrow Transplantation for Primary Immunodeficiency

·Haplo Identical Stem Cell Transplantation

·Bone Marro Transplant for Sickle Cell Disease.

·Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Dr. Khalil Al Farsi

·Lymphoma (Hodgkin & Non-Hodgkin)

·Myeloma & other plasma cell disorders

·Autologus stem cell transplantation

Dr. Mohamed Al Hunieni

·Allogeniec transplant

·Acute leukaemia

·Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Murtadha Al Khabori

·Bone Marrow Transplantation

·Health Research Methodology

·Malignant Haematology


Prof. Salam Al Kindi

·Sickle cell disease and its pathophysiology

·Prevention of Hb disorders

Prof. Shahina Daar


·Genetic Counseling

Dr Shoaib Al Zadjali

·Molecular aspects of haemoglobinopathies, leukemias, bone marrow transplantation and primary immunodeficiencies.

·Develop new molecular diagnostic techniques.

·Genetic counseling

Human Clinical Anatomy

Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr Mohammed Al Mushaqri



Dr. Omar Habbal

·The Immune Response to Pregnancy

·The Immune Response and the Circadian Rhythm and sleep deprivation

·Omani Lawsonia inermis Linn (Henna) and its Anntimicrobial Activity

·Omani Honey as a histological Tissue Fixer and usage in Embalming

·Medical Education

Dr. Sadhana Roychoudhury

·Study of Incidence and Causes of Congenital anomalies

·Neural tube defects

·Genetics- Cytogenetics

·Medical education- Teaching- learning methodology

Dr. Varna Taranikanti

·Translational research in oncology (Breast and other cancers) ( using IHC, RT-PCR, EM, Western Blotting, TUNEL and cell culture)

·Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis

·Placental research

·Anatomical / embryology Variations


·Medical Education ( Innovative teaching and assessment methods, curriculum development)

Medical Education and Informatics


Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr. Ken Masters

·E-Learning + E- assessment

·Medical Informatics Ethics

·Mobile Learning



Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Dr. Abdullah Al-Asmi

·Neurological disorders in general and epilepsy in particular

Dr. Abdullah Balkhair

·HIV/AIDS: Opportunistic infections, treatment strategies, IRIS, osteoporosis, vitamin D deficiency and inflammatory markers

·Sepsis syndromes in the ICU patient

·Invasive mucormycoses of the paranasal sinuses: treatment strategies

·Pyrexia of unknown origin in Omani populations

·Neglected tropical diseases in Oman

·Q fever: Epidemiology in Oman

·Hyperbaric oxygen therapy applications in infectious diseases

·Hospital Infection control strategies

·Hospital acquired infections

Dr. Ahmed Al Farkani

·Vitamin D and metabolic bone diseases.

·Genes and diseases.

·Cerdiometabolic risk factors andCVD

·Epidemiology of endocrine diseases in Oman.

·patients education.

·OptimizingtheQuality of Healthcare through technology

Dr. Ali Al Maamari

·Metabolic Syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, obesity)

·Microvascular endothelial function

·Physical activity and its impact onvascular function

·Thyroid disorders and its clinical presentation

·Calcium and metabolic bone diseases

Prof. Arundaya Gujjar

·Neurological disorders in general, with particular interest in:

·-Stroke and -Neuorlogical Critical Care

·-Status Epilepticus and -Wilson's Disease

·-Clinical Electrophysiology


Dr. Batool Hassan

·Genetics of rheumatological conditions

Prof. Bazdawi Al-Riyami

·Epidemiology of respiratory disease

·Lung function tests


·Primary care for respiratory disease'

Dr. Dawood Al-Riyami

·Dialysis access

·Chronic kidney disease


Dr. Hafidh Al-Hadi

·Cardiac markers in ACS

·D-Dimer and Troponin diagnostic

·Value in pulmonary embolism

·Epidemiology of dilated ardiomyography in Oman

Dr. Ikram Burney

·Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

·Hodgkin's lymphoma

·Renal cell carcinoma

·Supportive care in cancer

Dr. Jamal Sallam

·Prevalence of H pylori in Oman

·Causes of Chronic gastritis in Omani patientsFatty liver diseases in Oman

·Pattern of IBD in Omani patients

·Risk factors of HCC in Oman

Dr. Jayakrishnan BN


·Lung sounds


·Interstitial lung disease

Dr. Jojy George

·Asthma, allergic disease

·Bronchiectasis, clinical patterns

·TB, clinical patterns and investigations


·Pleural disease

Dr. Juma Al-Kaabi

·Lupus nephritis

·Mortality in SLE

·Vascular aspect of Behcet's disease

Prof. Mansour Al Moundhri

·Gastric Cancer:

1.Risk predisposition

2.Prognostic marker

·Breast Cancer:

1.Risk predisposition

2.BRCA1 and 2 Mutations.

Dr. Mansour Sallam

·Interventional Cardiology

Dr. Masoud Kashoob

·Viral Hepatitis


·Fatty Liver Disease

Dr. Mehar Ali

·Heart Failure .

·Cardiac pacing

Dr. Mohd Al-Ghailani

·Prevention of Obesity & its Complications

Dr. Muhammad Furrukh

·Lung Cancer

Dr. R.Nandhagopal

·Parkinson's disease and other Movement Disorders including Huntington's disease, Wilson's disease, Spinocerebellar ataxia, Essential tremor, myoclonic dystonia and rare movement disorders

·Multiple Sclerosis, Neuromyelitis optica

·Stroke, cerebral sino-venous thrombosis

·Epilepsy including Progressive myoclonic epilepsy, Benign Paroxysmal positional vertigo

·Eye movement disorders

·Giant axonal neuropathy, Hereditary neuropathy, Leukodystrophy, hereditary spastic paraplegia, muscular dystrophy

Prof. Nicholas Woodhouse

·General Endocrine

·Calcium Metabolism

·Mineralocorticoid hypertension

·Thyroid cancer

Prof. Omar Al Rawas

·Epidemiology of respiratory disease

·Lung function tests

·Pulmonary tuberculosis


·Primary care for respiratory disease

Dr.Omayma El-Shafie

·General Endocrine

·Calcium Metabolism

·Mineralocorticoid hypertension

·Thyroid cancer

Dr. Saja Mahmood Mohammed

·The correlation between malnutrition & AKI patient outcome in ICU.

·Data collection of sero-negative renal limited lupus likeglomerulonepheritis


Dr. Sawsan Baddar



Dr. William Johnston

·Vitamin D deficiency

·Left ventricular failure, diastolic and systolic function

Microbiology & Immunology

Researcher Name

Research Interest


Prof. Ali Al Jabri



·Natural antimicrobial and Anti-toxin agents


Dr. Akbar Rafay

·Antibiotic susceptibility studies.

·Epidemiology of Microbial infections

·Survey of Antibiotic resistance (SOAR)

Dr. Crystal Koh

·Interactions between innate and adaptive immunity and their effects on the onset, progression, and severity of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and other autoimmune diseases



Dr. Elias Said







·Immune Responses

Dr. Mohammed Al Balushi

·Trafficking of cellular proteins

·Antigen processing and presentation by MHC class I & II

·Immune response to Antigens

·Immune response to cancer


Prof. Mohammed Idris

·Epidemiology & Control of infectious diseases

·Development of diagnostic techniques

Dr. Muhannad Al Kobaisi

·Respiratory viruses studies

·Hepatitis viruses

·RNA and DNA viruses

Dr.Munira Tufailur-Rehman Al Siddiqui


·Natural antimicrobial agents




Prof. Sharanjit Thukral

·Beta lactamase mediated drug resistance in gram negative bacteria

·Respiratory bacterial pathogens including anaerobes

·Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Prof.Norbert Nowotny

·Vector-borne viruses, especially viruses transmitted by mosquitoes and ticks;

·Medical entomology;

·Viral diseases at the environment / animal / human interface;

·Emerging viral infections;

·Genetic characterization of yet uncharacterized viruses;

·Viral Zoonoses.

Dr. Sidqi Hasson

·Snake Venom and its therapeutic agents.

·Investigation of natural agents as therapeutic agents for cancer

·Developments of Immunological diagnostic techniques

Dr. Zakariya Al Muharrmi

·Prevalence and management of infectious diseases.

·Infection control and diagnostic approaches.

·Infection and Public health

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Prof. Adel Abu Heija

·Female Infertility

·General Obstetrics

Dr. Lamya Al Kharusi

·Pelvic floor prolapsed

· Urinary incontinence

·Sexual dysfunction

Dr. Lovina Machado

·Intra uterine growth retardation; adolescence pregnancy

Dr. Maha Al Khaduri

·Female Infertility

Dr. Maryam Al Shukri

·Adolescent Gynaecology

·Management of Abnormal Uterine bleeding

Dr. Mariam Mathew

·Diabetes during Pregnancy & its complication

Dr.Moza Al Kalbani

·Gyne Oncology

Dr.Nihal Al Riyami

·Maternal Fetal Medicine

·Obsterical Ultrasound

Dr. Rahma Al-Haddabi

·Maternal Fetal Medicine

Dr. Tamima Al Dudhaishi

·Maternal Fetal Medicine

Dr. Vaidyanathan Gowri

·General gynecology

·Reproductive endocrinology

·Subfertility and general obstetrics


Dr. Wadha Al Ghafri

·Endoscopic Surgery in Obs/Gyn cases


Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr. Abduallah Al Mujaini

·Orbit and relation with Sickle Cell disease

·Retina and Pathology induced by diabetic Retinopathy

·Optic nerve and neuro-ophthalmology

·Pathology encounters in corneal disease

Dr. Agha Shahab Haider

·Congenital glaucoma

·Diabetic retinopathy ( Optical coherence tomography, micropericmetry and glycosalated hemoglobin


Dr Ahmed Al-Hinai



Dr. Anuradha Ganesh

·Clinical and genetic studies of congenital cataracts in Oman

·Clinic use of an electronic medical record (EMR ) in a tertiary hospital in Oman

·Clinic and genetics studies of glaucoma in Oman

·Clinical and genetics studies of retinal dystrophy in Oman

·Orbital and ocular manifestations of sickle dystrophy in Oman

·Clinical and genetic studies of strabismus in Oman

·Compliance to amblyopic therapy

Dr. Nadia Al Kharousi




·Glaucoma (Pseudoexfouition Glaucoma Blindness in Oman)

·Diabetic Retinopathy (Optical coherence tomography, microperimetry and glycosalated hemoglobin- correlation in diabetic relmopathy with or without macelopathy)

·Genetic of Glacoma




Dr. Sana Al Zuhaibi

·Pediatric ophthalmology

·Ocular genetics

·Visual electrophysiological testing

Dr. Upender Wali

·Incidence of diabetic retinopathy on the basis of screening by photo documentation methods

· Incidence of diabetic retinopathy in patients with diabetic nephropathy amongst Omani population.

Oral Health


Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr. Aisha Al Hamdani

·Colorectal and Breast

Dr. Asem Shalaby

·GI Pathology

·Soft tissue and Bone Pathology


·Breast Pathology

Dr. Ibrahim AlHaddabi


·Breast carcinoma


·Head and neck


Dr. Khalaf Al Gharibi

·Soft tissue sarcoma and matrix metalloproteinases

Dr. Marwa Al Riyami

·Renal Pathology Glomerulonephritis and Transplant

·Breast Pathology

·Animal Research

Dr. P.A.M. Saparamadu

·Breast-Triple negative

·Students learning activities methods

·Infective lesisons in histopathology

Dr. Ritu Lahktakia

·Breast and soft tissue pathology(tumours)

·GI pathology

·CNS tumours

·Cancer education


Pharmacology & Clinical Pharmacy

Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Dr Aly Abdelrahman

·Role of vasoactive substancesin the control of the cardiovascular system.

·Treatment ofdrug-induced cardiotoxicity and nephrotoxicity.


Prof. Badreldin H. Ali

·Renal pharmacology/Toxicology

·Pharmacology/Toxicology of natural products and pollutants


Dr. Ibrahim Al Zakwani


·Health Outcomes Research


Dr. Ibrahim Yonous


·Cancer immunotherapy


Dr. Ikhlas Said Ali Ahmed

·Signal transduction in gastric cancer


Dr. Khalid Al Balushi


·Drug utilization pattern


Dr. Mohammed Al Za’abi

·Clinical pharmacokinetics

·Therapeutic drug monitoring


Prof. MusbahTanira


·Drug discovery from natural products

Dr. Yousuf Al Suleimani

·Vascular pharmacology


Researcher Name

Research Interest


Dr. Abdul Aleem Khan

·Perceptual filling-in of the natural blind spot

Dr. Ammar Boudaka

· Neurogastroenterology and motility with special focus on the physiology of the striated portion of the mammalian esophagus

·Cell signaling with special focus on the transient receptor potential vanilloid (TRPV)-medicated cellular responses

Dr. Deepali Jaju

·Analysis of Hemodynamics and autonomic nervous system in humans

·Heart rate variability, Blood pressure measurements and signal processing

·Hypertension, diabetes, genetics with obesity and metabolic syndrome

·CABG, sleep and hemodynamics and autonomic nervous system

·Sleep, OSAHS and its attributes

Dr. Hajar M. AL-Rajaibi

·Myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury

Dr. Khamis Al Hashmi


·Arterial stiffen in hypertension and other metabolic syndrome

Dr. Mohammed Al Abri

·Sleep patterns and cardiometabolic disorders and

·Sleep deprivation and immune response

·Sleepiness and driving

·Sleep disorders and epilespy

·Cardiopulmonary physiology

Prof. M.O. Hassan

·Blood pressure measurements

·Haemodynamics in humans and rodents

·Heart rate variability and signal processing

·Genetics of BP and heart rate variability

·Blood pressure, obesity and diabetes and Sleep medicine

Dr. Sami Al Rawas

· Clinical autonomic disorders eg; hypertension and effect of drugs.

· Clinical neurophysiological investigations like EEG, EMG and EPsin various medical conditions like epilepsy, peipheral neuropathy, entrapments....etc.

Prof. Sulayma Al Barwani

· Aging ion channels

· Haemodynamics in humans and rodents

· Heart rate variability and signal processing

· Blood pressure, Obesity and diabetes

Dr. Talal Al Mashaikhi

·Human brain plasticity.

·Human brain functional connectivity especially the insular region.

·Epilepsy and sleep interaction.

·Age-dependent changes in seizure semiology.‎

Radiology & Molecular Imaging

Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Dr. Alaa Manzalawy

·Body Imaging

Dr. Anupam Kakaria

·Interventional Radiology

Dr. Dilip Sankhla

·Pediatric Radiology

Dr. Faisal Al Azri


Dr. Haddia Bererhi

·Medical Physics / Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Humoud Al Dhuhli

·Body Imaging

Dr. Rana Hamid

·Neuro-Radiology, Interventional Radiology

Dr. Rashid Al Sukaiti

·Interventional Radiology

Dr. Samir Hussein

·Nuclear Medicine,

Dr. Sinan Al Azawi

·Body Imaging

Dr. Sukhpal Sawhney

·Breast Imaging / Mammography


Researcher Name

 Research Interest


Dr Adil Al Ajmi

·Demographics of patients who respond to radiotherapy following lumpectomy ( difference in response for partial versus total radiotherapy )

Dr.Adil Al-Zadjali

·minimal invasive liver surgery

·liver regeneration post liver resection

Dr. Amaar Aamery

·laparoscopin vs open splenectomy

·Laparoscopic vs open hernia repair

·Improvement in trauma management system and protocols(Audit)

Dr.Hani Al-Qadhi


Dr. Hilal Al Sabti


·Minimal invasive cardiac surgery

·Heart Failure Surgery

Dr. Joseph kunju Mathew



Khalid Munir Bhatti

·Lap Mentor in assessment of Laparoscopic Surgical Skills

·Paediatric Torso Trauma..Experience at SQUH

·Day 1 Circumcision at SQUH... An Audit

·Compariosnbetween early outocme of paediatric concomitant Laparoscopic splenectomy with cholecystectomy and Lap splenectomy alone in patients with Sickle Cell Disease

·Neonatal Parauretheral Cyst a case Report.

Dr. Khalifa Al Wahaibi

·Epidemiological Cross Nation Studies

·Carotid Disease and Stroke

·Diabetes and Peripheral Vascular Disease

·Access Surgery and Renal Failure

·Applied Basic Sciences

Dr. Maha Al shaibi

·Health services quality improvement, familialcolon cancer in Oman,

·Sarcoma. Minimally invasive cancer surgery, enhanced recovery after surgery

Dr. Norman Machado

·Biliary & Pancreatic Pathology

·Thyroid & Parathyroid Disorder

·Laparoscopic Surgery – gall bladder / henia /Appendix

·Benign & Malignant Breast Disorders

Dr. Pradeep Chopra

·Portal vein thrombosis following splenetomy


Dr. Rajeev Kariyattil

·Paediatric Brain Tumour

·Paediatric CNS malformation in Oman

Dr. Shahid Aquil

·Laparoscopic Urology Surgery

·Urological Malignancy

·Urinary Stone Diseases

·Renal transplantation

Dr.Shahzad younas

·Liver and pancreatic malignencies

·stones in the biliary system in omani population

Dr. Sultan Al Maskari

·tem cells in treatment of osteonecrosis.

·distraction arthrodiatasis in hip osteonecrosis

·knee osteoarthritis in Omani population


COMHS Internal Guidelines 


Management of Conferences’ Attendance

 COMHS Internal Guidelines   for  Management of Conferences’ Attendance