Department of Arabic Language and Literature
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Dr. Zaher AlDawoudi
Head the Department
Extension: 1891
Office No.: 1180 



Promotion of Arabic has been a goal of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature, at Sultan Qaboos University, as it is the national language of this nation, the symbol of its unity and identity, and component of its heritage and intellectual product. The importance of Arabic has been reflected in His Majesty’s vision through his instructions to give more attention to teaching, developing and enhancing Arabic language in the University, using modern technology. 
Accordingly, the Department of Arabic Language takes responsibility for serving this language by teaching, researching and enriching it. Since its inception in 1987, the department has been working hard on developing its programs to meet the needs of Omani society and the standards of modern science and knowledge around the world. The Department started by establishing the Bachelor program, followed by the Master’s program and finally the PhD program. It also plans to establish Diploma programs that are required in the market (by utilising the broad range of experience, knowledge and qualifications of departmental staff).
It is our pleasure to welcome you to the updated website of the Department, where you may find information addressing its vision, mission, objectives, programs, staff members and activities.