Department of Information Studies



Dr. Nour Eldin Elshaiekh
Head of the Department

PhD, Multimedia University, Malaysia,2010.
Extension: 1660
Office No.: 63 
Curriculum Vitae

  Research interests:
  • Knowledge Management and Knowledge Based System
  • Digitalization
  • Information System Project Management

Dr. Faten Fatehi Hamad
Information Science & Technology Associate Professor
Ph.D in Information Science 
Extension: 2018
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Big Data
  • Digital Transforming
  • Sustainable Development  through Access to Information
Drkhalfan Dr. Khalfan Zahran Al Hiji
Information Management Associate Professor

PhD, Sheffield University, UK, 2010
Extension: 3293
Office No.: 61 B
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Strategic Management
  • Cataloguing and Classification
  • Arabic Manuscripts & Archives


Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Suqri
Library & Information Science Assoicate Professor

Dean of Postgraduate Studies
PhD, Emporia State University, Emporia, USA, 2007
Extension: 5848
Office No.: 002
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • User studies
  • Human Information Behavior
  • Knowledge Management


Dr. Nabhan Harith Al Harrsi
Library & Information Science Associate Professor

Dean of College of Arts and Social Sciences
PhD, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, 2012
Office No.: 2456
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • knowledge Sharing
  • Digital Transforming
  • Big Data


Dr. Naifa Eid Al Saleem
Library & Information Science Assoicate Professor

Dean Of Student Affairs
PhD, Exeter University, United Kingdom, 2006
Extension: 1586 
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Internet use and Education
  • Research Methods
  • Information Services
DrSalimAlKindi Dr. Salim Said Ali Al Kindi
Associate Professor

Extension: 2033
Office No.: 62B

Dr. Abderrazak Mkadmi
Information and Communication sciences Assistant professor

PhD, University of Paris8, France, 2004
Office No.: 61
Extension: 2022
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Digital Archives 
  • Digital humanities
  • Building and Designing Electronic Archives

 Dr. Ahmed Maher Shehata
Assistant Professor

PhD, Librarianship, Aberystwyth, UK
Extension: 3299
Office No.: 61B
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Scholarly Communication
  • Scholarly Publishing
  • Information literacy


Dr. Elsayed Salah Elsawy
Document Management Systems & Electronic Archiving Assistant Professor

Extension: 2270
Office No.: 62 A
Curriculum Vitae
  Research interests:
  • Electronic Record Management
  • Modern Technology in Record Management
  • Building and Designing Electronic Archives


Dr. Sallam Marhon Al Yaarabi
Information Management Lecturer

Extension: 2984
Office No.: 1230



Ms. Khalsa Abdullah Mohammed Al Hinai
Library & Information Science Training Supervisor
BA, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman, 2003
Extension: 2068
Office No.: 60