Department of Information Studies

The Department aspires to provide an outstanding education in Information Studies. It also endeavors to be an outstanding and innovative academic department serving the Omani society in the field of information with leadership at the local and regional levels.
The mission of the Department is to provide outstanding education in Library and Information Science with a rich diversity of skills in order to contribute to the community's prosperity through professional services and research, as well to prepare graduates for life-long learning and to be able to carry out information practice with competence.

The Department aims to achieve the following objectives:
  1. To provide a professional training for information specialists in order to enable them to organize information and manage information institutions while respecting Omani values and ethics.
  2. To contribute to the intellectual and scientific activities on or off campus and to carry out research by organizing seminars, conferences, and scientific meetings.
  3. To contribute to the continuing education of information professionals by organizing workshops and consultations.
  4. To offer services to information institutions and coordinate and establish cooperation with them by organizing conferences and providing consultations and transferring expertise through the participation of the Department faculty in workshops and the Alumni Open Day.
  5. To cooperate and coordinate with SQU academic departments, whether in the science or humanities colleges, by providing services with regard to the use of information sources, research methods, and search strategies on the Internet.
  6. To cooperate with Arab and foreign universities and scientific institutions in the area of scientific research, exchange of experience, and the training of Arab students during the summer.