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Mass Communication Department

College of Arts and Social Sciences

Sultan Qaboos University

October 30th – November 2nd 2017

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Social media networks have prevailed, multiplied in number together with the number of their users. This phenomenon is considered revolutionary in human communication, considering that for the first time in human history, instant interaction is made possible between internet users that are classified into groups sharing common interests without a mediator, in contrast to what used to happen previously via traditional media or even websites or online newspapers, that turned out to be traditional as well, in light of the criteria imposed by these innovative networks.

As the global and the Arab interest in the phenomenon of social media networks increases - given its notable effects on individuals and society - especially with the multiple research trends used to study the current phenomenon from all dimensions, this conference aims at presenting an intellectual platform for interested researchers from different venues: scientific, communication, educational, societal, humane…etc., for the purpose of exchanging views, experiences and new research findings tackling the positive and negative effects of social media networks on the Arab Society.

Conference Vision

Mass Communication Department in Sultan Qaboos University aspires that the international conference on social media networks will provide a distinguished scientific platform to research and discuss the reality of these networks and their effects on different societal groups or societal status from a media, cultural, educational, societal, psychological and pedagogical perspective.

Conference Mission

Encouraging researchers from different Arab and foreign countries and from different social and human specializations to keep up with the rising global research interest in social media networks phenomenon, thus achieving accumulated Arab scientific outcomes that will aid decision makers and various institutions to perceive the reality of uses and potential effects of the given networks on society.

Conference Objectives

  • Scientific theorization of social media networks and their position amongst new media.
  • Analyzing the relationship between social media networks – as new media – and traditional media.
  • Studying sub phenomena related to social media networks, namely: citizen journalism and blogs and analyzing the reality of their utilization in the Arab world
  • Analyzing social media networks utilization in the Arab World and connecting their use to the social, economic, political, technology and media contexts.
  • Researching the reality of Arab society's usage of social media networks and assessing the effects of such usage on their daily lives and the society as a whole.
  • Analyzing the roles carried out by social media networks in the fields of education, pedagogy and communication.
  • Analyzing the legal and ethical dimensions related to social media networks by Arab societies.

Conference topics

Proposed topics may include but are not limited to:

1- Evolution and development of social media networks.

2- Philosophy, communication and social dimensions of social media networks.

3- Motivations of uses and gratifications of social media networks in the Arab society.

4-  The effects of social media networks on individuals and Arab societies.

5- Political and organizational roles of social media networks in Arab societies.

6- The mutual relationship between social media networks - as media platforms - and  traditional media in the Arab society.

7- Legal and Ethical regulations of social media networks in the Arab societies.

The Mass Communication Department conducts monthly seminars on a variety of purposes:

  • Discussing master research plans
  • Pre-arbitration master thesis seminars
  • Discussing training plans each academic year
  • Elaborating on controversial communication matters



Skills of Dealing with the Media - 21-26 April 2018. The Center of Community Service and Continuing Education


Activities of the Media Creativity Group

A) Activities of the Academic Year 2016-2017

1- The Event "We Know You" to introduce new members to the Media Creativity Group and define sub- committee choices. September 2016.

2 - Celebration of the alumni of the academic year 2015-2016 in the presence of graduates, academics and students of the Department November 2016.

3- "Coffee Cup 1" session, a student session discussing various media topics organized by the Media Creativity Group hosting Mokhtar Al-Saifi to talk about voice commentary.

4. Experience of self-promotion via social media networks by Ms. Salma Al-Hajri - a specialist in the field of digital marketing - in self-promotion on social media networks, organized by the Media Creativity Group.

5- "Coffee Cup 2" session hosting Issa Al-Nomani, who talked about the cinema make-up.

6 - The event "my press journey" presented by journalist Al-Mokhtar Al-Hinai organized by the Media Creativity Group.

7. The Event "Studio" to execute free photography sessions for the students of the university and photos were received immediately after the event.

8- Media coverage of the activities of the campaign "College of Arts Arts give life"

9- Media coverage of the activities of Volunteering Week, College of Arts and Social Sciences "Building and Development", December 2016

10. Publishing a poster entitled "Together Towards a Peaceful and Coexisting Society to Achieve Prosperity" in celebration of World Social Justice Day dated 20 February

11. Publishing a short video via social media in celebration of International Women's Day.

12- Publishing a short video via social media in celebration of the 46 National Day.

B) Activities of Fall 2017

1- The opening event entitled "How are doing?" dated 16 \ 10 \ 2017: is an introductory evening for the Media Creativity Group for orientation of the new members as they are introduced to the group's schedule. They were also distributed among the group's committees according to their wishes. The evening included some entertaining competitions and presented examples of the activities and activities of the group during the past years.

2-The Debate Contest launched 7/11/2017: The Media Creativity Group held the "Debate" Contest that passed through different phases as follows:
a) Opening Ceremony: During this evening, the art of debates and literature were clarified and participants' competition laws were explained.

b) Phase 1: Contestants competed in the first stage of the contest. By the end, the jury evaluated the competing teams and announced the qualified.

c) Phase 2: Semi-Finals (In this round, four teams met to compete to qualify for the final. At the end of the debates, the names of the two teams that may qualify for the final stage were announced

d) Phase 3: Final: The final debate was held between the two competing teams on the topic "Are you for or against teaching scientific subjects in Arabic?". Finally, the name of the winning team was announced followed by honoring the jury and the participating teams.