Department of Physiology MSc Programs


The primary objective of the PhD program in physiology is to train students in research and teaching in basic and applied Physiology. The program is applicable to holders of master (MSc) degrees, MD and MBBS graduates with high academic standards and with the required English proficiency tests. Additional screening would include a departmental interview. The program is available only on full-time basis and is based primarily on research, with the addition of limited coursework where deficiencies are identified by the departmental board. The program includes at least four years of full-time supervised research. Candidates are encouraged to choose their field of research and identify a supervisor before they are admitted to the program.


Research interests

• Cardiovascular physiology

• Gastrointestinal physiology

• Membrane physiology

• Endocrine and metabolic syndrome

• Endocrine Physiology and cancer

• Sleep physiology and sleep medicine

• Vascular and endothelial function

• Autonomic function and heart rate variability

• Neuroscience

• Cell signaling

• Hypertension

• Diabetes mellitus

• Osteoporosis

• Wound healing


Contact and coordinator

Dr. Amira Al Kharusi


Tel: +968 2414 (1109)



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