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The Second International Conference  of The Department of Sociology and Social Work

" Social Thought, Sociology and Development"

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences- Sultan Qaboos University

Muscat 11-13 December 2016

 The central theme of the conference focused on social thought, sociology and development in developing countries. Various thinkers and scholars from different countries participated in the activities of the conference. The mission and the objectives of the conference would be identified as the following:

The mission of the conference: developing potential social thought heritage, activating  scientific studies and critical dialogues  as responses for meeting contemporary and modern requirements of development in its social and cultural dimensions.   

The Objectives of the Conference:

1- Reinforcing and motivating critical vision for social thought attitudes.

 2- Confirming the developmental function of social thought and its implementations in different social fields. 

3- Exchanging ideas and scientific views concerning the possibility to adopt social thought heritage for contemporary development.

4- Utilizing ideas, views and scientific discussions raised during the activities of the conference and to function them for national needs.

The themes of the conference centered on the following issues:

1 - Criticism of Sociology and Social Thought.

2-  Social and Cultural Dimensions of Development.

3-  Social Thinking and Sociology in Developing Countries.



Premier Gulf Academic Forum for Social Services( Social Work)

Sultan Qaboos University 15-16 March 2011

The main theme of the forum centered on the possibilities for developing the role of social work( Social Service) and the specialists in this domain in the  Gulf Cooperative council countries in helping both individuals and groups, and to develop their abilities to achieve social adjustment for helping social institutions and other social organizations in society to meet its roles.

This was the first Forum that organized in the region and it had its peculiarities in respect to its theme, the contributions where it had various academic participants,  SQU postgraduate students, representative of the Department of Social Work, University of Zafar, the representatives of social institutions in Sultanate Oman. In addition, some academic staff and postgraduate students from different universities for instance( Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and finally Sanaa's University). This gave a chance for mutual discussions and exchanging experiences and recognizing the both academic educational, training and vocational needs. It is hoped, as outcome of the forum, to provide an opportunity for preparing a comprehensive and peculiar educational and training guide along with having an agreement to organize an annual forum as an academic heritage  would be hold periodically  in the countries of Gulf Cooperative Council.

The Department also holds workshops for faculty members to present and discuss topics and issues of interest to both disciplines and to provide an opportunity to exchange scientific views on the various scientific, methodological and social issues related to both sociology and social work.


The Department of Sociology and Social Work holds weekly seminars on Tuesday and Thursday for Master's students in the department. These seminars aim to assist the students to discuss the topic of their Master's thesis by the academic staff in the department. Also, the other kind of seminars are held for students who have completed their Master's dissertation and aiming to obtain the master's degree.

  1. Telephone Family Counselling as a Method for Addressing Family Problems.
  2. Problems Facing Families of Children with Inherited Metabolic Diseases and the Role of Social Work in Dealing with them.
  3. The Awareness of married couples of the Principles of Marital Compatibility.
  4. Inclusion Problems of Students with Mental Disabilities and the Role of Social Worker.
  5. The Role of the School in Developing the Culture of Voluntary Work for Students. 


One of the Department's initiative to identify some active civil society organizations in the field of community service.

A visit to the Oman parents care team on 23rd May 2017.


The department celebrates graduated students..




Social Work Group:

Interconnection Campaign was held on October 15-17, 2017. It had promoted the values of tolerance, respect and dialogue among students.

2018-03-05-PHOTO-000...Opening of the Second Social Festival (TechnoSocial) on November 21, 2017 in Alandalus Graden.


A Visit to Ahmed Bin Majid Private School:  on March 7, 2018. The group had established a corner where they introduced the roles and functions of social worker in schools.


A Visit to Al-Manayer Center of Autistic Children: on March 6, 2018.

2018-03-12-PHOTO-000...A workshop on Marriage Counseling was conducted by department of counseling at Ministry of Social development on February 19-20, 2017.



Social Vision Group:

Be a Productive :

An activity  focuses on that the human resources and the exploitation of youth energies in the society is the basis of community development.


Beyond Bars:

An activity aim to study a branch of sociology department which  is sociology of crime and its impact on the in society.