Department of Sociology and Social Work

 To become a pioneer in the integration of education and training with scientific research and community service, and an acclaimed sociological research and consultancy house locally and regionally

To provide a distinct educational environment based on the integration of education with learning and critical thinking and to promote the integration of basic and applied scientific research and contributee effectively to cultural and social development, and the graduation of competent professionals in social research and social work.

Preparation of national social researchers and social workers with advanced scientific capacity and practical efficiency in handling and addressing social phenomena and problems.
Empowering students with the skills needed for social guidance and work in the various institutions of society, and professionally dealing, therapeutically and preventive, with individuals and groups from different social strata in the Omani society.
Empowering students with the skills of social guidance and awareness and the propagation of a culture of community participation and voluntary work and to promote the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the country in the sectors in which they work.
To attract the best academic talent, and the constant readiness to respond to the needs and demands of scientific social research and consultancy in all sectors of the Omani society and its institutions.