Department of Political Science

Researcher Name

Current Research Interests

List of five major publication

Dr. Cuneyt Yenigun
Assoc. Prof. , Ph.D.
Office: 24141986

International Relations, Security Studies,
Negotiation and Conflict Resolutions,
Oman's Global image.

Yenigun, C., “GCC Model: Conflict Management for the Greater Albania", SDU-Journal of Social Sciences, ISSN: 1300-9435 (MLI Indexed),27 (3), December 2012, 175-186.

Yenigün C., “Gulf Security, NATO and Istanbul Cooperation Initiation", (in) Demir, Firuz (ed), NATO's Approach to Gulf Cooperation, ECSSR Publications, Abu Dhabi, 2015, 33-54.

Yenigün, C., “Turkey’s Balkan Policy: Resurrection of Turkey in the Balkans”, (in) Yenigün, C., Gjana, F. (eds), Balkans: Foreign Affairs, Politics and Socio-Cultures, Epoka University Publication, Tirana, Albania, 2011, 531-550.

Yenigün C., “Balkan Multiculturism: Sample to Its Own and to the EU”, European Studies Journal (ESJ) (Refereed-Peer reviewed), 1 (1), October-December 2010, 5-12.

Yenigün, C., “An Emerging International Actor in Eurasian Stage: OBSEC” Turkish Review of Eurasian Studies, (Refereed, EBSCO Review) 5, 2005, 159-196.

Dr. Hani Albasoos
Assistant. Professor , Ph.D.
Office: 24142990

Media and Politics, International Law,
Negotiation Management, Middle East Politics

Hani Albasoos (Nov. 2015). Principles of Political Sciences, Umma University publication, Gaza, Palestine (In Arabic)

Hani Albasoos (Nov. 2014). The Future of the Palestinian Authority. Journal of Conflictology, Volume 5, Issue 2 (2014) ISSN 2013-8857.

Hani Albasoos (Jan. 2012). International Humanitarian Law and the Siege of Gaza. IUG Journal of Economics and Business, Vol. 20, No. 1, the Islamic University – Gaza. Palestine.

Hani Albasoos (May 2011). Political Change in the Middle East: First Consolidated Reflections and Challenges Ahead. Journal of Conflictology, Volume 2, Issue 1 (2011) ISSN 2013-8857.

Hani Albasoos (2005), Palestinian Security: Pressing Call for Security Sector Reform. The International Development Research Centre, Ottawa.

Prof. Houchang Hassan Yari
Professor, Ph.D.

Defense and Strategic Studies, Terrorism,
Comparative Politics

Houchang Hassan Yari, L’évolution des relations de l’OTAN avec la Libye” (The evolution of NATO's relations with Libya), Le déploiement stratégique de l’OTAN au Maghreb, Brahim Saidy (sous la direction), Ste-Foy, Presses de l’Université du Québec, 2014.

Houchang Hassan Yari, « Trois Ilots du Golfe Persique: dispute Iran-CCG sans issue» (Three islands in the Persian Gulf: Iran-GCC open end dispute), in Paul Bacot et Geslin Alaine, INSULARITÉ ET SÉCURITÉ : L'ÎLE ENTRE SÉCURITÉ ET CONFLICTUALITÉ, Bruxelles, Bruylant (à paraître en 2014).

Houchang Hassan Yari, « Structure du pouvoir et relations internationales en Iran »( Structure of power and Iran’s international relations), Qu’attendre de l’élection du nouveau président iranien ?, Dossier, Institut de Recherche Stratégique de École Militaire, 2013.

Houchang Hassan Yari, “What Will Rouhani Inherit Next Month?”, Foreign Policy Association, 2013.

Houchang Hassan Yari, “Clashology within Islam: Not Civilisational, but Political”, in Mojtaba Mahdavi, Towards ‘the Dignity of Difference’:Neither ‘the Clash of Civilizations’ nor ‘the End of History’, Edited by Mojtaba Mahdavi and W. Andy Knight, Burlington, Vermont, Ashgate Publishing, 2012. 71-83

Dr. Jacqueline McGlade
Assoc. Prof. , Ph.D.
Office: 24142218

International Political Economy,
International Government and Business,
Oman's Political Economy, Social Media and Politics

McGlade, J., “Business as (Un) Usual: The Partnership between DuPont and Comptoir des Textiles Artificiels and the Post-World War I Internationalization of the Synthetic Products Industry” (in) The First World War and International Business (Forthcoming Routledge International Business series, Spring 2016).

McGlade, J., “More a Plowshare Instead of a Sword: The Role of Agriculture in Cold War Diplomacy,” (in) Journal of Agricultural History, (Volume 83, No. 1, Winter 2009).

McGlade. J., “American Aims and European Re-Industrialization after World War II,” (in) Fauri and Tedesco, eds., The Marshall Plan and European Industry (Peter Lang Publications Fall 2011).

McGlade, J., “COCOM, Western Relations and the Containment of World Trade” in Ojala and Eloranta, eds., COCOM and the Evolution of East-West Trade (University of Jyväskylä Press, 2005).

McGlade, J., “NATO Procurement and the Revival of European Defense, 1950-1960” (in) G. Schmidt, ed., A History of NATO: The First Fifty Years, (Macmillan Press, 2001).

Dr. Leon Goldsmith
Assistant Professor, Ph.D.
Office: 24142909

Political Science, Oman Politics,
Comparative Politics, Middle East Politics

Leon Goldsmith, Cycle of Fear: Syria’s Alawites in War and Peace, London: Hurst, 2014.

Leon Goldsmith, ‘Alawite Diversity and Solidarity from the Coast to the Interior,’ in M. Kerr & C. Larkin (eds.), The ‘Alawis of Syria: War, Faith and Politics in the Levant, London: Hurst-Oxford University Press, 2014.

Leon Goldsmith, God Wanted Diversity’: Alawite Pluralist Ideals and their Integration into Syrian Society 1832-1973,’ British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 40, No. 4, 2013, pp. 392-409.

Leon Goldsmith, ‘Alawites for Assad: Why the Syrian Sect Backs the Regime,’ Foreign Affairs, April 16, 2012.

Leon Goldsmith, Syria’s Alawites and the Politics of Sectarian Insecurity: A Khaldunian Perspective,’ Ortadoğu Etütleri (Middle Eastern Studies) Vol. 3, No 1 (July 2011), pp. 33-60

Department of Marketing

Dr. Irfan Butt
PhD (Canada)
Assistant Professor
Office: 24141971

Branding, International Marketing,
Marketing Strategy

1. Chatha, Kamran and Butt, Irfan (2015) “Themes of Study in Manufacturing Strategy Literature”, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 35 (4), 604-698. (ISI Impact factor: 1.736)
2. Chatha, Kamran, Butt, Irfan and Tariq, Adeel (2015) “Research Methodologies and Publication Trends in Manufacturing Strategy: A Content Analysis Based Literature Review”, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 35 (4), 487-546. (ISI Impact factor: 1.736)
3. Freeman, Ina, Knight, Peter and Butt, Irfan (2011) “A tri-country marketing project – preparing students for the realities of a global marketplace”, Journal of Teaching in International Business, 22 (4), 277-299. (Taylor & Francis; Scopus indexed; H index: 5)
4. Butt, Irfan, Saleem, N., Ahmad, H., Altaf, M., Jaffer, K. and Mehmood, J. (2011) “Barriers to Adoption of Islamic Banking in Pakistan”, Journal of Islamic Marketing, 2 (3), 259-273. (Emerald; Scopus indexed)
5. Butt, Irfan (2010) “Understanding the Concept of Positioning: A Step towards Defining the Construct”, Journal of Global Business Advancement, 3 (2), 176-191. (Inderscience; Scopus indexed; Ranked by ABDC & ERA)

Dr Aisha Wood Boulanouar
PhD Marketing
Office: 24142966

Consumer Research, Values Research, Islamic Marketing

“Reverting to the Ideal Self: Maori Muslim Women Narratives of Self-Transformation through Consumption” with Djavlonbek Kadirov (EIT) and Nilufar Allayarova; (forthcoming 2016 at the Journal of Business Research);

“Islamic Marketing and Branding: Thinking Outside the Box”, International Journal of Islamic Marketing and Branding, Volume 1 (2), 2015.

“International Human Resource Management: Implications for Multi National Corporations Operating in the Arab Middle East”, with Liza Howe-Walsh and Sarah Turnbull of the University of Portsmouth, UK; International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management, Vol 15, No 2/3/4, 2015.

“Expressing Herself Through Brands: The Arab Womens Perspective”, with Bakr Alserhan (Qatar University), Daphne Halkias (Northcentral University, USA), Mumin Dayan (UAEU) and Omar Alserhan (UK); Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, 2(17), 2015.

“Global Advertising Strategy: Implications of Islamic Ethics on the Standardisation/Localisation of Advertising Campaigns in the Middle East” with Sarah Turnbull and Liza Howe-Walsh of the University of Portsmouth, UK; (forthcoming 2016 at the Journal of Islamic Marketing).

Chapter Introduction for the Second Edition of “The Principles of Islamic Marketing”, By Dr Baker Ahmad Alserhan, ‘The Muslim Consumer’, Ashgate Publishers, (forthcoming October 2015).

Edwin Rajah Devasirvatham
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD),
Office: 24142949

Customer-business collaborations and value co-creation;
customer relationship management; relationship marketing;
role of emotions in customer experiences;
consumer social responsibility; branding,

Aspden, T., Wolley, M. J., Ma, T. M., Rajah, E., Curd, S., Kumar, …..Marshall, M. R. (2015). Understanding barriers to optimal medication management for those requiring long-term dialysis: rationale and design for an observational study, and a quantitative description of study variables and data. BMC Nephrology, 16(102).

Mohd Noor, N. A., Yap, S.-F., Liew, K.-H., & Rajah, E. (2014). "Consumer attitudes towards dietary supplements consumption: implications for pharmaceutical marketing. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, 8(1), 6-26.
Rajah, E., Marshall, R., & Nam, I. (2008). Relationship glue: Customers and marketers co-creating a purchase experience. Association of Consumer Research, 35, 367-373.

Rajah, E., Marshall, R., & Baxter, R. (2014, 1st. - 3rd. December). The indirect influence of positive emotions on the relationship between co-creation, trust and satisfaction in a B2B setting. Presented at the meeting of the ANZMAC - Agents of change, Brisbane, Australia

Rajah, E., Marshall, R., & Baxter, R. (2012, July 19th - 22nd.). Measuring the effects of co-creation: laying an empirical foundation. Presented at the meeting of the Global Marketing Conference, Seoul.

Helena Knight
PhD Business Management -
Office: 24141837

CSR – sustainability - cross-
sector collaboration - business – nonprofit collaboration –
collaborative value creation - value creation in business-
nonprofit collaboration -
stakeholder theory – social enterprise

Williams, W., Knight, H., Matthias, M. and Rutter, R. 2015. A study of the convergence between entrepreneurship,
government policy and higher education in the Sultanate of Oman.
Journal of Entrepreneurship and Regional Development (under review).

Khaldoon Nusair
Office: 2414 1860

Consumer behavior, customer relationship management,
social media, branding

1. Bilgihan, A., Nusair, K., Okumus, F., & Cobanoglu, C. (2015). Applying the flow theory to
booking experiences: An integrated model in an online service context, Information & Management
2. Nusair, K. Bilgihan, A., & Okumus, F. (2013). The Role of Online Social Network Travel
Websites in Creating Social Interaction for Gen Y Travellers. International Journal
of Tourism Research, 15(5), 458-472. doi: 10.1002/jtr.1889

3. Nusair, K., Bilgihan, A., Okumus, F., & Cobanoglu, C. (2013). Generation Y Travelers’ Commitment to Online Social Network Websites, Tourism Management, 35, 13-22
4. Nusair, K., & Parsa, H.G., Cobanoglu, C. (2011). “Building a model of commitment for
generation Y: An empirical study on e-travel retailers.” Tourism Management,
32(4), 883-843.
5. Nusair, K., & Kandampully, J. (2008). “The antecedents of customer satisfaction with online travel services:A conceptual model.” European Business Review,20(1), 4-19.

Maha Al Balushi
Office: 24141834

fashion studies
university branding and brand equity
heritage marketing
Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) studies

Al Balushi, Maha; Butt, Irfan ; and Al Siyabi, Khadiga (2013) Review of Awareness and Views on Branding Oman as a Nation, International Journal of Business and Economics, volume5, number 1, June 2013, pp:5-19.

Maha Al Balushi and Aqeela Al Lawati (2012), Determinants of Adopting Electronic Grocery in the Context of Oman, Journal of Internet and e-Business Studies, Vol. 2012(2012), 12 pages.

Al Balushi, Maha and Kang, Jikyeong (2012), Marketing our heritage as brands, work-in-progress.

Al Balushi Maha and Krishnan Balaji (2004), Ethnocentrism, Country-of-Origin, and Animosity effect among Consumers of Oman, edited by Sam Fullerton in the proceedings of Academy of Business Administration.

Maha Al Balushi and Aqeela Al Lawati (2011), Factors contributing to consumers’ adoption of electronic grocery shopping in Oman, in the proceedings of International Business Information Management Association, pp.1516-1527. (ISBN:978-0-9821489-6-9)

Hamed Al-Azri
Office: 24141972

Small Business Marketing,
Entrepreneurial Marketing,
Small Tourism Business Marketing,
Destination Marketing, Destination Image Measurement

Al-Azri, H. I. (expected 2015). Oman.
Accepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of Tourism. Frankfurt: Springer.
Al-Azri, H. I., & Cai, L. (2014, December).
Developing a theoretical model for marketing tourism small businesses.
Paper presented at 3rd International Conference on Management, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Penang, Malaysia.
Malaysia: International Foundation for Research and Development.
Al-Azri, H. I., & Cai, L. (2009).
Uniqueness of Tourism SMEs: Strategic Marketing Framework Propositions.
Tourism Issues, 8, 142-151.
Al-Azri, H. I., & Morrison, A. M. (2006).
Measurement of Oman's destination image in the US.
Tourism Recreation Research, 31(2), 85–89.

Department of Management

Suhaila AlHashemi
PhD in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence,

+968 92696908

Emotional Intelligence,
Emotions at work,
Orgnziational Behaviour, Psychology at work,
Knowledge Management.

1. Alhashem,I Suhaila; Gattoufi, Said M. & Al-Muharrami, Saeed M.. (Sep 2015) Corporate Governance in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries : A Gender-Based Study, Aledari, issue No.142.
2. Alhashem,I Suhaila. (2014) Measuring Emotional Intelligence, Comparison of China and Bahrain, Journal of Human and Social Science Research (ORIC), Vol 3, No.2, pp27-39,
3. Alhashem,I Suhaila. (October-December 2013) Measuring Emotional Intelligence of University Students: A Comparison Between China and Bahrain. International Journal of Social & Organizational Dynamics in IT, IGI Publishing (, Vol 3, No.4, pp59-76, ISSN: 2155-6334.
4. Alhashem,I Suhaila. (Aug 2013) Measuring Students' Emotional Intelligence In Public Universities: A Case on Oman and Bahrain. International Journals of Research In Commerce and Management (IJRCM), Vol 3, issue 8, pp64-75.
5. Alhashem,I Suhaila. (June 2013) Challenges Facing Omani Managers in the Public Sector, the Role of Change and Culture, Internatoinal Forum of Researchers Students and Academician (IBR), Volume 3, issue 2, pp190-197.

Faridahwati Mohd Shamsudin
Office: 24142905

• Organizational misbehaviour/deviance;
• Influence of human resource management practices on employee attitudes and behaviours;
• Contemporary leadership;
• Negative/dysfunctional/ineffective leadership;
• Quality of work life;
*Green human resource management

1. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Hassan Ali, & Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin (2010). Understanding the antecedents of emergency response: A proposed framework. Disaster Prevention and Management, 19(5), 571-581.
2. Nirachon Chuttipattana & Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin (2011). Organizational culture as a moderator of the personality – managerial competency relationship: A study of primary care managers in southern Thailand. Leadership in Health Services Journal, 24(2), 118-134.
3. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Hassan Ali, & Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin (2012). Influence of physical ability on initial emergency response performance. Disaster Prevention and Management, 19(5), 571-581.
4. Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin & Nirachon Chuttipattana (2012). Determinants of managerial competencies of primary care managers in Southern Thailand. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 26(2), 258-280.
5. Chandrakantan Subramaniam, Hassan Ali, & Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin (2012). Initial emergency response performance of fire fighters in Malaysia. International Journal of Public Sector Management, 25(1), 64-73.



Genuine Leadership and The Global Financial Crisis
- Culture Shock in a Global World: Factors Affecting Culture Shock Experienced by Expatriates in Oman and Omani Expatriates Abroad.
- Chinese vs. Western Managers Culture and Education
- The marketing of Luxury Goods: An exploratory study – three conceptual dimensions.
- Inter cultural management panorama in multinational companies and leading countries.



Bachkirov, A. A. 2013. Organizational leadership decision making in Asia: The Chinese ways. In J.
Rajasekar & L. S. Beh (Eds.), Culture and Gender in Leadership: Perspectives from the Middle East and Asia: 111-137. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
- Al-Toubi, I. M., Al-Keyoumi, Q. A., & Bachkirov, A. A. 2015. Preferred negotiation styles: A study of top
and middle managers in Oman. Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Journal, 6(1): 43-48.
- Al-Toubi, I. M., Al-Keyoumi, Q. A., & Bachkirov, A. A. 2015. Building blocks of negotiation power: A study
of top and middle managers in Oman. Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Journal, 6(2).
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from Oman. The international Conference on Organization and Management (ICOM 2015), 22-23 November, Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
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The role of safety climate and fear of negative evaluation. The Annual British Academy of Management Conference (BAM 2015), 8-10 September, Portsmouth, United Kingdom.

Dr. James Rajasekar
Office: 24141864

• Strategic Management in Diversified Companies
• Strategic Alliances in high tech industries
• Business & Corporate Strategies of companies
• The Impact of National Culture on Competitiveness
• Cross Cultural Management
• Leadership and Strategic Management
• Globalization of Middle East companies

Rajasekar, J. (2016) (with Bachkirov, A., Maithe, de S.). Industrial Buyer-Seller Interactions: Negotiating the Arab Way. Paper accepted by International Journal of Commerce and Management, Volume 26, Issue 2 (forthcoming).

Rajasekar, J. (2015). (with Khan, S., and Al-Asfour, A). Organizational Career Development Practices: Learning from an Omani Company, International Journal of Business and Management 10 (9), p88-98.

Rajasekar, J. (2014). Factors affecting Effective Strategy Implementation in a Service Industry: A Study of Electricity Distribution Companies in the Sultanate of Oman. International Journal of Business and Social Science, Volume 5, No.9 (1). pp. 169-183.

Rajasekar, J. (2013). (with Raee, M). An analysis of the telecommunication industry in the Sultanate of Oman using Michael Porter's competitive strategy model. Competitiveness Review, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 234 – 259. (Cited 1 time as of Sept 2014).

Rajasekar, J. (2009). (with Fouts, P). Strategic alliances as a competitive strategy: How domestic airlines use alliances for improving performance. International Journal of Commerce and Management, Volume. 19 Issue: 2, pp.93 – 114.

Department of Accounting

Saif Abdullah Al-Shidi

Office: 24141839 

1. Capital Market Research in Accounting
2. Earnings Management
3. Analysts’ Forecasts


Marwa Abdullah Al-Kalbani

Office: 2414 2969 

1. Quality of Corporate Disclosure
2. Corporate Governance
3. Corporate social responsibility

M. Al-Kalbani, M. Jones,“Auditors' Perceptions of the Financial Disclosure: the Case of Oman”,
Paper accepted in the British Accounting Association Conference, Dundee, 2009

Munther Hilal Al-Busaidi

Office: 2414 2970

1. Capital market research in accounting, earnings quality
2. Financial analysts earnings forecasts and firms’ disclosures

1) Ehab K.A. Mohamed, Peter Oyelere, Munther Al-Busaidi, (2009) "A survey of internet financial reporting in Oman", International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol. 4 Iss: 1, pp.56 – 71
Al-Amri, Khalid, Munther Al-Busaidi, and Serkan Akguc, (2014) "Conservatism and corporate cash holdings: a risk prospective.", Investment Management & Financial Innovations, Vol. 12, Iss:1, pp. 101-113

Hamdan Saif AL Jabri

Office: 2414 2973

1. Financial Accounting
2. International Financial Reporting Standards and accounting harmonization
Management Accounting

Kuruppu, N., Oyelere, P., and Al Jabri, H. (2015). Internet Financial Reporting and Disclosure Practices of Publicly Traded Corporations: Evidence from Sri Lanka. Vol 7, No. 1, Accounting & Taxation, pp. 75-91.

Thilina Niroshan Kuruppu

Office: 2414 2992 

1. Auditing
2. Financial Accounting
3. Management Accounting

1) Kuruppu, N., Oyelere, P., and Al Jabri, H. (2015). Internet Financial Reporting and Disclosure Practices of Publicly Traded Corporations: Evidence from Sri Lanka. Vol 7, No. 1, Accounting & Taxation, pp. 75-91.
2) Oyelere, P. and Kuruppu, N. (2012). Voluntary Internet Financial Reporting Practices of Listed Companies in the United Arab Emirates. Vol. 13, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, pp 298-315.
3) Kuruppu, N., Laswad, F., and Oyelere, P. (2012). Assessing going concern: the practical value of corporate failure models and auditors’ perceptions. Vol. 24, Pacific Accounting Review, pp 33-50.
4) Kuruppu, N. (2012). A Structured Pedagogy for Integrating Generalized Audit Software into the Auditing Curriculum. Vol. 4, No. 1, Business Education & Accreditation, pp. 113-121.
5) Kuruppu, N. (2009). Evidence on Auditors’ Use of Business Continuity Models as an Analytical Procedure. Vol. 1, No. 1, Accounting & Taxation, pp. 63-74.
Kuruppu, N., Laswad, F., and Oyelere, P. (2003). The Efficacy of Liquidation and Bankruptcy Prediction Models for Assessing Going Concern. Vol. 18, No. 6, Managerial Auditing Journal, pp. 577-590.

Iram Fatma Al Ansari

Office: 2414 2977

1. Corporate finance in family firms
2. Corporate finance and economics
3. Corporate Governance

1) Ansari, Iram Fatima, Marc Goergen, and Sevtlana Mira. 2014. The determinants of the CEO successor choice in family firms. Journal of Corporate Finance Vol.28, p. 6-25 (
2)Ansari, Iram Fatima, Marc Goergen, and Sevtlana Mira (forthcoming) CEO turnover in family firms with an incumbent family CEO: The case of France, Germany and the UK. Business Analyst

Department of Information Systems

Kamla Ali Al-Busaidi

Knowledge Management Systems - Electronic Learning - Information Systems Acceptance - Decision Support Systems - Information Systems deployment in the Middle East

• Al-Busaidi, K.A.( 2014). SWOT of Social Networking Sites for Group Work in Public Organizations: IT managers’ Perspective. VINE: The journal of information and knowledge management systems, 44(1), 121 – 139.
• Al-Busaidi, K.A.(2013). Aligning customer knowledge management tools with business strategy, International Journal of Electronic Customer Relationship Management, 7(2), 117-134.
• Al-Busaidi, K. A. & Al-Shihi, H. (2012). Key Factors to Instructors' Satisfaction of Learning Management Systems in Blended Learning. Journal of Computing in Higher Education, 24(1), pp.18-39.
• Al-Busaidi, K.A.( 2012). Learners' Perspective on Critical Factors to LMS Success in Blended Learning. Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), 30(1).
Al-Busaidi, K.A. & Olfman, L. (2005). An Investigation of the Determinants of Knowledge Management Systems Success in Omani Organizations. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 8(3), pp. 6-27.

Dr Adil Mumtaz Hammadi

Trust and Risk based Informed Decision Support Systems - Cloud Service Management - Supply Chain Management & Procurement - Reliability Engineering and Fuzzy Reliability - Financial Risk Analysis and Risk Analysis of Power Systems.

• Adil M. Hammadi, “A methodology for trust and risk mash up for enhanced business intelligence in cloud environment,” PhD dissertation, School of IS, Curtin University, Perth, 2014
• A. Hammadi, O. K. Hussain, T. Dillon, and F. K. Hussain, "A framework for SLA management in cloud computing for informed decision making," Cluster Computing, Vol. 16, Issue 4, pp. 961 - 997, 2013.
• Adil M. Hammadi and Omar Hussain, “A Framework for SLA Assurance in Cloud Computing”, 26th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2012), Fukuoka Japan, March 26 – 29, 2012, pp. 393 – 398.
• Adil M. Hammadi and Omar Hussain, “Transactional Risk Assessment-based Approach for Service Degradability Management”, IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE), Oct 19 – 21, 2011, Beijing China, pp. 145- 152.
Adil M. Hammadi, Tharam S. Dillon, Elizabeth Chang, “Business Service Composability on the Basis of Trust”, IEEE Digital Ecosystems and Technologies Conference, 1 – 3 June, 2009, Istanbul Turkey, pp. 437 - 440.

Dr Ali Hamad Al-Badi

Social Media and Social Intelligence -
Web Usability, Accessibility and Web Technology -
User interface Design & Human Computer Interaction - Information Systems & Portal Development
- Information Technology Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

• Ali H. Al-Badi, Yousuf Salim AlHinai, Sujeet K. Sharma and Shirley Williams, Impact of Social Networking on Research and Collaborations, Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS), December Edition, Volume 4, Number 6, pp. 515-523, 2013 (ISSN: 2141-7024)
• Mohammed A. Alqahtani, Ali H. Al-Badi, Pam J. Mayhew, “Exploratory Study of M-Transaction: User’s Perspectives”, the Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC), Vol. 60, No. 7, 2013, [Indexed by Scopus]
• Roobaea AlRoobaea, Ali H. Al-Badi and Pam J. Mayhew (2013), " The Impact of the Combination between Task Designs and Think-Aloud Approaches on Website Evaluation” Journal of Software and Systems Development, Vol. 2013 (2013), Article ID 172572, DOI: 10.5171/2013. 172572, [this journal has been indexed by several world class databases].
• Ali H. Al-Badi, (2013), “The Adoption of Social Networking Systems in Government Agencies: Gulf Cooperation Council Case Study”, accepted for publication in the Journal of Technology Research, Volume 5 (2013), pp. 1-26 [listed in the 2008 Cabell's Directory].
• Saqib Ali, Taiseera Al-Balushi and Ali Al-Badi (2013), “Conceptualization Approach for Accessibility-Aware Framework”, Communications of the IBIMA, Vol. 2013 (2013), Article ID 477923, DOI: 10.5171/2013.477923, [Listed in ERA 2012 listing].

Dr Hafedh Al-Shihi

Electronic Government & Electronic Commerce
- Mobile Government and Mobile Commerce -
Research Process in Information Systems
- Technology/Innovation Adoption and Dissemination
- Communication Skills

• Al-Suleimani, A., Al Mahrouqi, M., and Al-Shihi, H. (2013) Non-Technical Issues in the Adoption of Electronic Health Records by Doctors in Oman. In Ali, S. & Ashrafi, R. (Eds), Information Systems for Sustainable Business Development: Proceedings of the International Information Systems Conference (iiSC) 2011(pp. 189-192): BrownWalker Press, USA.
• AlSiyabi, M., Al-Jabri, N., and Al-Shihi, H. (2013) The Uptake of Voting Participations in Oman Through E-voting. In Ali, S. & Ashrafi, R. (Eds), Information Systems for Sustainable Business Development: Proceedings of the International Information Systems Conference (iiSC) 2011(pp. 193-196): BrownWalker Press, USA.
• Al-Busaidi, K.A., and Al-Shihi, H. (2012).Critical Factors Influencing Instructors’ Acceptance and Use of Learning Management Systems. In Azevedo, A. & Babo, R. (Eds), Higher Education Institutions and Learning Management Systems: Adoption and Standardization(pp.116-140): IGI Global, USA.
• Sharma, S. K., Al-Shihi, H., and Govindaluri, S. M. (2013) Exploring quality of e-Government services in Oman. Education, Business and Society: Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues, Vol. 6 Issue 2, pp.87 – 100
• AlHinai, Y. S., AlBadi, A., AlShihi, H., and Al-Gharbi, K. (2013) Investigating Determinants of E-banking Adoption by Individuals: Comparing the Impact of System Characteristics and User Traits. International Review of Management and Business Research, ISSN: 2231-0843 ,Vol. 3, Issue 4, pp.826-839

Dr Jamil Al-Shaqsi

Machine Learning
- Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.
- Clustering Techniques and Algorithms.
- Clustering Ensembles.
- Mining DNA micro-array data for clustering cancers

• Al Shaqsi J. and W. W., “Estimating the Number of Clusters Based on a New Similarity Function” Journal of Intelligent Data Analysis, 2012
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Dr Khamis Al-Gharbi

IT/IS Project Management - E-business/ E-commerce and SME - IT/IS Outsourcing - Knowledge Management - E-government

• Al-Gharbi, Khamis, Said M. Gattoufi, Ali Hamad Al-Badi, and Ali Al-Hashmi. (2014) "Al-Shifa Healthcare Information System in Oman: A Debatable Implementation Success." The Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries 66 (2014).
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Dr Mohammed Al-Fairuz

Online Security
- Web Application Usability, Acceptability and Scalability
- Web authentication mechanisms
- Technology Acceptance

• Mohamed Al Fairuz and Karen Renaud. Multi-Channel, Multi-level Authentication for More Secure eBanking. ISSA 2010. Johannesburg, South Africa. 2-4 August, 2010
• K Renaud, R Cooper and M Al Fairuz Support Architecture for Multi-Channel, Multi-Factor Authentication, e-commerce 2007 IADIS International Conference e-commerce 2007 Algarve, Portugal, 7-9 December 2007

Dr Rafi Ashrafi

Strategic value of Information Technology in organizations
- Electronic Business Adoption in Oman and GCC countries
- Information Communication Technology adoption in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Oman
- Information Technology Disaster and Recovery
- Information Systems/Information Technology Auditing and Control
- Information Systems Security Management
- Information Systems Management

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Dr Saqib Ali

Information Systems Security
- Pervasive Computing
- Industrial Informatics
- B2B (Business to Business) Communication
- Business Processes and Automation
- Information Technology Audit and Control

• Ali S., Al Balushi T. and Al Badi A. (2013) “Conceptualization approach for accessibility-aware framework”, Communications of the IBIMA, Vol. 2013, Article ID 477923, DOI: 10.5171/2013.477923 (ERA[1] rank)
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Dr Taisira Al-Balushi

Software Engineering
- Requirements Engineering
- Software Quality – Ontologies
- Quality Metrics
- Business Process Modelling

• Ali S., Al Balushi T. and Al Badi A. (2013) “Conceptualization approach for accessibility-aware framework”, Communications of the IBIMA, Vol. 2013, Article ID 477923, DOI:10.5171/2013.477923
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Dr Yaser Mowafi

Ubiquitous computing,
decision analysis,
systems modeling design and evaluation,
human computer interaction, context awareness, and agent systems.

• Rami Alazrai, Yaser Mowafi, C. S. George Lee, Anatomical-Plane-Based Representation for Human-Human Interactions Analysis, Pattern Recognition, accepted on January 14, 2015
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Dr Yousef Al-Hinai

Social Media & Social Networking
- Cultural Issues in Information Systems
- Mobile Commerce/Mobile Business
- Technology Adoption and Diffusion

• Ali H. Al-Badi, Yousuf Salim AlHinai, Sujeet K. Sharma, and Shirley Williams (2013) "Usage of Social Networking Tools in Research and Collaboration", Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS) Volume 4 Number 6, December 2013.
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• AlHinai, Yousuf Salim; Kurnia, Sherah; and Smith, Stephen P., "The adoption of mobile commerce services by individuals: A Current State of the Literature" (2010). ACIS 2010 Proceedings. Paper 72.

Dr Zahran Al Salti

Information Systems Outsourcing/ Offshoring
- Social Media for Business
- Knowledge Management
- Strategic Information Systems
- Electronic Government
- Information Technology Entrepreneurship

• Al-Karaghouli, W., Al Azri, A., and Al Salti, Z. (2012). E-Government and EIS Change Management and Critical Success Factors: An Omani Success Story. In F. Albadri (Ed.), Cases on Enterprise Information Systems and Implementation Stages: Learning from the Gulf Region (pp. 181-214). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference
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• Al-Salti, Z. (2009) Knowledge transfer and acquisition in IS outsourcing: Towards a conceptual framework. Proceedings of the 14th UKAIS Annual Conference. 31st March-1st April, 2009, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford, UK.

Department of Economics and Finance

Khamis Al-Yahyaee
Office: 24141833

Corporate Finance
-Corporate Governance
-Asset Pricing

1. Al-Yahyaee, K. (2014). Why Do Stock Prices Drop By Less Than the Amount of the Dividend? Evidence from a Unique Environment. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 50 (5), pp. 22-34.
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5. Al-Yahyaee, K., Pham, T., and Walter, T. (2011). The information Content of Cash Dividend Announcements in a Unique Environment. Journal of Banking & Finance 35 (3), pp. 606-612.

Business Communication Area

Adil S. Al-Busaidi

Quantitative methods (e.g., Psychometric Analysis,
Monte Carlo Simulation for Social Sciences,
Structural Equation Modeling [SEM] & [MSEM], Mediation and Moderation, Multilevel Modeling,
scale development,
Item Response Theory, validity testing, measurement invariance testing,
planned missing data, and Social Network Analysis) in areas such as organizational studies,
Org Communication, Conflict, dissent, mediation, and Change Management

Shoham, M. D., Arora, A., & Al-Busaidi, A. (2013). Writing on the wall: An online “community” of YouTube patrons as communication network or cyber-graffiti? New Brunswick: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).
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Al-Busaidi, A. (2015, November). Toward a Model of Organizational Muted Dissent. Paper presented at the 101stAnnual Convention of National Communication Association, Las Vegas, NV.
Al-Busaidi, A., & Hale, C. (2015, November). Development and Validation of an Instrument to Measure Organizational Muted Dissent. Paper presented at the 101st Annual Convention of National Communication Association, Las Vegas, NV.
Al-Busaidi, A., (2013). When speaking up makes no difference. Exploring the dimensions of organizational silence. Paper presented at the 26th Annual OCMC hosted by The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Minu Jobby

• Communication Studies
• Management Communication
• Corporate Communication Practices
• Intercultural Communication
• Student Centered Pedagogy
• Leadership Communication

Jobby, M. “Constructivist Pedagogy for the Business Communication Classroom,” Journal of College Teaching & Learning. 4(2007): 99-106.

Dalal al khatri

Crisis communication,
social media, cross cultural communication

"Exploring the us of social media as a crisis communication tool: Oman in focus -
The international research conference on business, economics and socail research - Istanbul, Turkey - 2015

Department of Operation Management and Business Statistics

Dr Amar Oukil

Combinatorial optimization

Performance analysis

Transportation and logistics

Oukil, A. Amin, G.R. (2015). Maximum appreciative cross-efficiency in DEA: A new ranking method. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 81, 14–21.

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