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Sultan Qaboos University stands by its academic heritage and scientific achievements, proud of its students who have strived and received the great honor to join it to learn from the great minds of its professors and the abundance of its scientific and research curricula. The advanced university education has become the greatest concern, the noble goal and the strategic choice for contemporary governments and societies seeking to achieve high prestige among nations. Oman was always strongly present in the preparation and the rehabilitation of the Omani people, which has been its main goal since the dawn of the seventies; where education took place under the shade of trees at the beginning of the Renaissance to the time the Sultan Qaboos University was established, which is one of the finest academic institutions in the Arab region. Since its establishment, this prestigious university has been preparing the future leaders of Oman in all fields and providing scientific and research consultations to governmental and private institutions.

One of the aims of this pioneering university is to raise the level of students, to refine their talents, to enrich their creativity and to highlight their academic, cultural and athletic achievements

In conclusion, we should remind you, our students, of the great responsibilities entrusted to you as students of the University; Oman is waiting for you to return the favor and we ask you to give back to this precious country and His Majesty the Sultan Qaboos, the founder of this great scientific institution and the pioneer of educational renaissance in the Sultanate.

                      Dr.Naifa Eid Sabiti Bait Bin Saleem

                      Dean Of Student Affairs

We strive to achieve a distinguished position comparable to international universities in regards to services, guidance and activities for students.

  • Providing a university environment that contributes to the promotion of the human and community values ​​in the hearts of the students.
  • Providing social and religious services and student activities that contribute to the development of the student's personality.
  • Providing social care that enables students to achieve their scientific, social and psychological aspirations.
  • Developing student's intellectual, creative and leadership skills.

• Making the student the focus of the Deanship's work.

• Achieving excellence in social services, religious guidance and student activities.

• Upholding the commitment to providing a suitable environment for students.

• Paying attention to students' issues and find effective solutions.

• Being transparent and responsible for the provision of services, guidance and student activities.

  • Strengthening the Islamic and Arab identity and the value of belonging to the homeland and the Sultan in the hearts of university students through religious, cultural, social, economic, political and athletic activities.
  • Developing ethics, a sense of positivity, initiative, and good competition.
  • Developing talents, refining abilities, and motivating student to have creations and innovations through different activities which will be beneficial to them and the Omani society.
  • Promoting a culture of dialogue and tolerance to enable students to work collectively and voluntarily locally and globally.
  • Developing  administrative, supervisory and leadership skills with students through various student programs and activities.
  • Providing care and social services to students to enable them to adapt to university life.
  • Strengthening relations and exchanging of experiences with similar institutions locally, regionally and globally, thus contributing to building the personality of the students.

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