• Administrative Affairs
  • Objectives
It also serves as a link between the departments of the Deanship and the concerned authorities in the university. It prepares the financial budget for the Deanship and follows up its disbursement in accordance with the activities and services of the Deanship. It also means the supervision of transportation in Muscat Governorate and adjacent areas and the administrative affairs supervises the process of disbursing tickets for students according to the applicable system.  It is worth mentioning that Sultan Qaboos University represented by the Deanship provides some student facilities such as medical glasses, supervision of the students' clinic and other financial and administrative assistance.
1. Preparing the financial budget for the Deanship and follow up its disbursement in coordination with the different departments of the Deanship.
2. Providing transportation through shuttle busses to transport university students on campus.
3. Providing transportation for the students from Muscat Governorate and neighboring areas  less than 100 km away (Bidbid, Fanja, Alamarat and Barka).
4. Payment of the ticket allowance for students enrolled from (Dhofar, Musandam ans Masirah Governorate) at the end of each semester.
5. Payment of the travel ticket allowance (return only) for graduate students from Dhofar, Musandam and Masirah Governorates after the graduation ceremony
6. Payment of travel ticket allowance once per year for registered students from the GCC countries.
7. Payment for medical glasses for students of limited income who do not receive any financial allowance from the university.