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Mosque Library:
 Is one of the specialized libraries supervised by the Department of Religious Guidance at the Deanship of Student Affairs in Sultan Qaboos University. It has great importance and played a great role in serving the scientific research and the educational process in the university, where it was established with the opening of the University in 1986. It includes among its aspects treasures of vocabulary and meanings of up to 13000 books in the areas of specialized in religious sciences such as: Quran, interpretation and Tajweed, books of his prophet’s sayings, history and the biography of prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, books of doctrine and philosophy, jurisprudence and assets, translations and references, A section of manuscripts, and another section on culture and thought, and some specialized periodicals. The audio cassettes include more than 800 articles of 3,000 thousand tapes, which speak about different aspects and fields such as religion and thought, national songs, religious poems, and lectures by His Eminence Shaikh Ahmed Al Khalili, the Mufti of the Sultanate and other lecturers from different Arab and Islamic countries.
In one corner of the university mosque on the north-east side lies the library of the mosque, where it enjoys its strategic location within a prominent landmark and under a magnificent minaret. It consists of the following:
- 2 halls, and one for reading, where the beneficiary enjoys library services and enjoys quietness and stability. After the room was added previously to the large number of students and the need of the Faculty of Education to teach practical aspects, it was an educational hall on how to use books and references at the time.
- information Department.
- Librarian's office.
The mosque library aims to enrich the educational process and scientific research and serve all segments of the university and outside society, as it is the destination of researchers from outside the university where it includes valuable books and references that you rarely can find in other places because of its selection by the academic body, students and sheikhs.
1 - Management: Specializes in the administrative work of the Library.
2. Inquiries and Reference Service: It is concerned with lending and returning, answering questions and inquiries of students, supervision and guidance within the library, shelving operations and organizing the library.
3- Supply: It is specialized in the process of providing the library with sources of information of all kinds, studying the needs of the beneficiaries, following up the suppliers, publishers, purchasing and transport items.
4 - Technical operations: include cataloging, classification and other processes involved in the technical preparation of the book before it is available to the beneficiaries of the library.
5. Marketing and ongoing briefing: The making of advertisements and promotional publications about the library and its services.
First: Guidance. The library of the mosque, through its secretary and assistant, provides guidance to the beneficiary within the library so that the beneficiary can achieve the good exploitation of library collections and services to achieve the actual needs he wishes.
Second: the online catalog via the computer equipment to query the required materials, through the indexing and classification on the symphony system, and the user can access it through the library's main online site, whether inside or outside the campus and thus allows the beneficiary to save time and effort in the search in library collections.
Link to the library catalog online:
MAIN / 155920028/60/502 / X
Third: Loan Department: The loan service is provided to all library visitors whether they are students, postgraduate studies, academics or employees, so that the beneficiary can benefit from the library collections outside its walls. This service is provided in accordance with library rules and policies.
Fourth: the service of photocopying, the library of the mosque provides the service of photocopying because of its great importance and the benefit to the beneficiary in saving time and effort. The importance lies within possibility of photocopying the library collections that cannot be loaned outside the library, such as: books and references manuscripts.
Fifth: The library provides the internal access service through the provision of dedicated and designated places so as to allow the beneficiary access to sources of information, especially reference books, manuscripts and periodicals, because they are not loaned outside the library.
 Ongoing briefing service, the Library provides ongoing briefing to beneficiaries by introducing new collections or sources of information to the Library and updated services using the university's e-mail or publications to provide this service to beneficiaries.
Library Hours:
The library opens its doors to beneficiaries of all categories during the weekdays from Sunday to Thursday starting from 8 am to 2 pm according to the following schedule: