Female Sports Activities Section

Sports Activities Section Female is administered by the Cultural and Sport Activities Department in the Deanship of Students Affairs. It provides sport services and activities for female students, staff and faculty members. It is responsible of managing the Sport Hall, located on Females Complex (1), that is fully supplied with sport equipments and tools.


- Spreading awareness and knowledge of sport and health requirements to comprehend the sport practices.

- Utilizing the students’ energy.

- Promoting the principle of “sport for all” in SQU.

- Acquiring and developing physical fitness through taking part in fitness lessons.

- Learning new sports from joining the different groups and individual games offered in the Sports Activities Section.

- Bringing light on the talented students and improve their abilities in order to be in SQU sport teams.

- Acquiring students the spirit of leadership, responsibility and compliance.

- Reaching out good relations with the local community in particular and the Gulf community in general.

- Holding and organizing internal and external sport courses and championships.

- Developing the professional and technical levels of SQU teams in a variety of sport games.

- Honoring the special students at SQU level in various sport activities.


- Welcoming new students at the beginning of each semester.

- Holding educational courses on all sport games for female students, staffs and faculty members.

- Holding internal championships and activities to highlight the role of the university to utilize the students’ spare time.

- Organizing collages sport days.

- Organizing University Sport Day for female students, staffs and faculty members.

- Holding friendly matches between SQU teams in group and individual games.

- Participating in University Championship for collages and universities in higher education institutions.