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Male Students Housing Section

Housing Section supervises male students living in-campus who are either:

a. Students with special needs.

b. Students from the GCC countries and other fraternal and friendly countries.

The aim is to offer an environment that fits with the student’s academic and social needs, therefore, the Housing Section provides campuses, social supervision, catering services and transportation. Along with renting a building to house students who receive subsistence and transportation allowance with deducting an amount of the allowance. It aims also to follow up on any issues that encounter the students who live out of the university and attempts to find adequate solutions.


For further enquiries, please contact the section head:




Male Students Social Care Section

Social Care Section:

This section is responsible for everything related to giving or cutting financial allocations. Registered students are eligible to receive the following financial allocations:

a. Subsistence and transportation allowance (OMR 120):

Allowance is dispensed for all students who are eligible to live in students accommodations but were not offered any housing in SQU.

b. Financial assistance for students with social insurance (OMR 40):

Allowance is dispensed for all students whose families have social insurance that is approved by the Ministry of Social Development.

c. Study allowance for Medicine students registered in the Clinical Program (OMR 60):

Allowance is dispensed for all Medicine and Scientific Health students who have finished Bachelor program in Scientific Health and joined the Clinical Program (phase111).

d. Financial assistance for low-income students (OMR 35):

Allowance is dispensed for students whose families have low-incomes after conducting a case study in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development and evaluating the situation of the student family by the specialists in SQU.


Required documents are to be submitted to the Male Students Social Care Section when students start their second academic year, taking into consideration that their guardians incomes must not exceed OMR 560.

It should be noted that dispensing financial allocations depends on placing graduation vacancies on the waiting lists.



Financial Allocations Dispensing

Financial allocations are to be dispensed for eligible students once they are entitled to receive it and to be cut on the following cases:

- Failure to comply with SQU decisions and regulations.

- Absence from classes for two weeks in a row without an acceptable excuse.

- Failure to register any courses in one semester.

- When a student is demanded to withdraw from SQU.

- When a student postpones his studies.

- When a student withdraws from SQU.

- When a student graduates or is expected to graduate.

- Where a student’s family moves to Muscat, Bidbid or Barka.




1- If any of the previous cases occurred, the student must inform the Social Care Section earlier in order to cut the financial allocations.

2- If an ineligible student receives any financial allocation, he must return it back.

3- Dispensing financial allocations must not take place unless the student brings an evidence from the deanship of Admissions and Registration that he is regularly registered.

4- Pending financial allocations are not automatically redispensed when a student is readmitted after withdrawal or dismissal or when he continues his studies after postponing or absence.



For further enquiries, please contact the section head:



Or 24142304



Male Social Activities and Community Service Section

This section is obliged to supervise the activities held inside the students’ campuses, such as: events, competitions, guiding lectures and panel discussions about the difficulties students encounter.

It also manages some activities that aim to further lighten resident students of the historical and tourist features of Oman by organizing trips to the various Omani provinces. Furthermore, it organizes school visits to SQU by officially contacting the Ministry of Education and makes visits programs of SQU facilities for any visiting authority.


For further enquiries, please contact the section head:




Male Students Catering Supervision Section

This section provides the most important services that are directly related to students. Nutrition services are provided to students since they are admitted to SQU until their graduation.


Male Students Dining Hall:

The dining hall is located at the first floor of the Students Services Center. The center has two halls each of which has a capacity of 1000 students per a meal and four counters to provide meals for students.


The restaurant provides meals for eligible students as follows:

- Three meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for resident students in campuses.

- Two meals (breakfast and lunch) for nonresident students who are not given subsistence and transportation allowance.

- One meal (lunch) for students who receive subsistence and transportation allowance.

- Master and PhD students who are eligible to pay nutrition coupons from the nutrition contracting company.

- Nutrition coupons are offered for Nursing and Medicine and Health students at the beginning of the Clinical Program.

- One meal (Ifrar) during the holy month of Ramadan for registered students only.



Nutrition services are to be stopped for students in the following cases:

1- Failure to register courses.

2- Study postponing.

3- Claim to withdraw.

4- Graduation.

5- Failure to comply with SQU rules and regulations



 Meals Timing:





6:30 - 8:30 AM



11:30 AM - 3:00 PM



7:00 - 9:30 PM



Holy Month of Ramadan Meals Timing




Half an hour before Iftar, for a period of two hours and a half.


12:00 - 2:30 AM



1- Ensure to take the nutrition imprint in order to be able to get a meal.

2- Commitment to eat meals in the designated areas and be strictly abide by the meals eating timings.

3- Not to take guests to the dining hall.

4- As for Medicine and Nursing students, they should keep the nutrition coupon in a safe place as it is non-compensable.

5- Keep the place clean after finishing meals.


For further enquiries, please contact the section head:



Nutrition Supervisors:

3857 - 1594






Hamood Salim Hamood Al Shaaibi

Harith Saleh Saif Al Nabhani

Mohammed Rashid Said Al Habsi

Omar Saoud Muhsin Al Aamri

Salim Sulaiman Saif Al Mahrouqi

Said Mohanna Al Jahdhami

Said Batti Al Majrafi

Khamis Musallam Al Rasbi

Ahmad Said Al Zarqaa

Said Mubarak Al Manwari

Mohammed Hasan Atiyah

Khalid Sultan Al Hashmi