Department Recital

Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and his family and companions The Department of Religious Guidance in the Deanship of Student Affairs promotes the religious and moral values of the university student through lectures and religious activities organized by the Department. The Department sought to intensify this role through the departments supervised by the Department. The Department of Religious Guidance supervises the general behavior of the university student and provide advice and guidance to him and answer their queries through religious guides, and the section supervises the university mosque. The Library Department is responsible for the library's technical and administrative affairs. The Library is an important reference for students and researchers, especially in the religious and humanities fields, as it contains valuable books. The Department of Studies and Lectures organizes public religious seminars and lectures, organizes religious events and competitions, and hosts a group of lecturers in various religious aspects. The Department also oversees the Islamic Culture Group, which is a part of this department. The group is self-directed by the students but the department supervises the technical and organizational matters. The Department cooperates with the various units of the University in the field of religious guidance, as well as the Department reaches the community through its educational, religious and social institutions, as reflected in the annual report of the Department. The university's mosque is a spiritual, intellectual and educational center for students with its spirituality, lessons and Friday sermons. It is the heart of the university since its inception.