SQU provides a bright and lively atmosphere in an academic and educational environment for its students to guarantee that they participate in the university life. The students are expected to be energetic to go forward and participate in the social, cultural and the sport activities whether those who live on-campus or off-campus. For those who live off-campus, the university provides them with transportation and meals. To achieve what mentioned above, SQU has provided additional services such as:
Student Services Centre:
The deanship is responsible for supervising the centre, organizing its visiting schedules, and using its sections to be available for male/female students, and the faculty members. The Grand Eating Hall is exceptional because it is just allocated for male students to eat their daily lunch meal.

The Center consists of two floors. The top floor is allocated for the banqueting hall of the central restaurant, besides small cafeterias. For the ground floor, it contains a cafeteria serving small meals to the students and visitors. In this floor, there are some administrative offices used by the deanship and the employees who supervise the center. It also includes a public place used by the students to have a rest after or between classes and to study, several shops, and two television rooms, sometimes used for showing films collectively to provide the students with a scientific and recreational atmosphere. One of the television rooms accommodates 46 students while the other accommodates 88 students. Moreover, the ground floor contains a hall for games which includes three snooker tables, three billiards tables, two tennis tables, and a twelve-lane bowling alley provided with the latest design features and with an excellent and distinct electronic system that a championship can be held in this alley.

Health Services (Students’ Clinic)
Health services are provided for the students by a medical center under the supervision of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences at SQU. This clinic located in the central axis of SQU near the Deanship of Student Affairs, which offers comprehensive health services for all SQU students.
Working hours starts from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on weekdays. On vacations and during weekends, doctors from the emergency department at SQU receive students who need medication. Students can visit their clinic concerned with their illnesses without making appointments. In case of female students who commute they may attend this clinic to see woman doctors, but resident female students are provided with another clinic on Complex 1.
Two doctors, who work on daily alternate shifts, are available in the clinic with nurses dedicated to serve all kinds of basic health services. The medical services in this clinic are the same as in those normal clinics.
Medical services involve running comprehensive medical tests, some of which can be performed in the students' health center while others in the laboratories of SQU Hospital. For other diagnostic tests such as x-ray, they can be conducted only at SQU Hospital whether directly or through transfer from the doctors of the clinic.
The health center has a pharmacy as well, which is equipped with all necessary instruments and medications. Nevertheless, prescriptions can be received from the main health center or from the main pharmacy at SQU Hospital.
Medical enlightenment and advice such as that related to nutrition is introduced by medical specialists from students' health service department. When necessary, students are transferred for professional advice to the psychiatric unit at SQU hospital where they can see psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists.

SQU Mosque
It is considered as the precious gem on the necklace of SQU buildings. It was erected on an area of 4000 square meters, and it has a capacity for about 1500 prayers. The mosque was designed with the latest architectural features. It has an attractive style with a beautiful central dome adorned with Islamic decorations and two high minarets. Besides the praying hall, there is a large courtyard. For female students, an oratory that accommodates about 400 prayers has been added. SQU mosque includes facilities in which the comfort of the students, employees, and visitors was taken into consideration through providing them with a design that inspires tranquility and peace of mind. The most important facility is the mosque library which activates the role played by the spiritual full-lighted minaret. The library, divided into two sections one for books and the other for reading, is located on the right-hand side of the courtyard. It includes a large number of books and journals estimated to be around 18000 books and 2000 audio and visual cassettes. Moreover, it includes a section assigned for books related to subjects which concern Muslim women.

Banking services
The banking services are provided at SQU campus as Bank Muscat is positioned to the Far East end of the university near the post office and other markets. Working hours are from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.

The Post Office
The Postal service is also offered at SQU campus. One can send letters and cards, but not parcels, to all countries all over the world. For receiving posts, one may use the mail boxes of SQU colleges or hire a private mail box inside or outside the campus.

The Commercial Area
The commercial area located between the mosque and the Deanship of Student Affairs offers all services students may need. The area includes a bookshop, a shop for photographic and electronic services, a beauty salon, male and female rest rooms, and a supermarket. Revenues from the supermarket contribute to help low-income students through a fund created by the Deanship under the name "Student Fund". All products and goods are available in the supermarket with reduced prices to be convenient to the budget of everyone.