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Department of students with disabilities at the Deanship of Student Affairs at Sultan Qaboos University seeks to be a reference to which students go to in order to meet their needs and requirements, develop their interests and strengthen their talents during their academic life in the university. The department  seek to be the link between students , the university and and the local or global community. The department works in cooperation with the concerned entities in the university to achieve this by providing of a diverse number of important academic and social services that enrich students with disabilities . The decision to establish the department  under the name of "Students with disabilities ”  was issued on 28 July 2009.
 Physical and health disability
 Visual disability
 Hearing impairment (hearing impaired)
 Chronic diseases
 Communication Disorders
 learning difficulties
 Psychological disorders
 Students with temporary disability due to an illness or an accident
The Students with Special Needs Affairs Section aspires to be an ideal model for integrating students with special needs in university life program which will enable them to participate effectively in the university community in order to improve their opportunities. That is done by providing a variety of academic and social services. Since its establishment, the Section has been developing its potential and capabilities in order to meet the needs of this category of students.
Academic services:
Communicating with the concerned entities at the university in order to help the students complete the procedures of registration with clarifying the full details of the state of their disability or their health and the requirements that they requires to have a normal university life. In addition to communicating with the concerned bodies at the university to help the students to register in their courses according to their study plan and to complete the hours required to obtain a degree in their major.
 Curriculum Design:
Cooperating with concerned individuals from the faculty members and staff to ensure that the students obtain the materials for courses and working on preparing the materials to suit their needs or their health conditions.
 Other Academic Services:
Cooperation with individuals, concerned bodies and the network of volunteers in coordination with the student to provide:
  • A note recorder to write during lectures according to the student’s need.
  • Completing their courses requirements such as classroom and non-classroom assignments and activities with taking into account their needs or their health condition.
  • Following up the student's performance in exams which takes place in the best possible environment.
Supporting faculty members:
The Section seeks to raise awareness among staff and faculty members by providing training programs about dealing with students with special needs in general, and providing advice on the required academic facilitations such as modifications in curriculums and tests. The Section also offers training on communication technology, networks and computers to facilitate the tasks of students with Special needs educationally and academic wise, and raise awareness about the importance of information technology, the Internet and technical assistance through holding seminars and workshops.
Academic guidance and counseling:
The Sections Follows-up the students’ performances in cooperation with the faculty members and their academic advisors in addition to cooperating with the concerned bodies and individuals to help the students if they desire to transfer between colleges or majors
Career Guidance and Orientation:
The Section seeks in its future objectives to cooperate with the concerned authorities to follow-up with the students’ recruitment affairs and to provide successful programs for students with special needs such as introductory forums or graduates' forum. In addition to raising awareness and training institutions in the public and the private sectors to deal with graduates with special needs in order to meet the requirements of their needs as well as acknowledging their abilities to work efficiently.
Health Services

The Section works in cooperation with the concerned authorities to provide periodic examination services for students of special needs. It also provides health monitoring to assess the development or decline of the students' health status and its impact on their adaptation and performance in university life.
Labs of supporting techniques

The Section works in coordination with all staff and agencies working with special needs students to make the university environment suitable for students of special needs by providing the best facilities with the best technology and programs that enable them to provide the best academic performance in university life. Among the available labs at SQU is College of Arts' lab, a one in the Cultural Center and the Center for Preparatory Studies' Lab. The university provides technicians whether staff or students to help students with special needs to deal with the devices and perform tasks effectively.
Supporting Technologies

Supporting technologies and technical programs help students with special needs to improve their functional abilities and skills to achieve academic and educational goals. They also help them in social communication and prepare them for the future job. The Section trains student with special needs on the use of computer and internet via using various audio programs and devices. It also works on coordination with different parties to provide devices and technologies that are not available at the university. Examples of technologies are: headphones, glasses, wheelchairs, computers, Braille devices, amplifiers, speaking programs.
social services
Housing: In cooperation with the concerned authorities, the Section seeks to provide accommodation suitable for students with special needs consisting of rooms, gymnasium, study rooms, television halls, and nutrition.

Transportation: The Section works in coordination with the concerned authorities at the university to provide special transport for students with special needs to facilitate access to classrooms and various university facilities.
 Dormitory supervisors: The Section seeks to follow the affairs of students in dormitory by providing supervisors to meet the needs of students both inside and outside the dormitory. The supervisors also work to follow up their life requirements in addition to ensuring their safety.
Escorts: The Section seeks to ensure that students with special needs have access for all the University's facilities and enjoys safety by providing escorts. The escorts accompany the students to the classrooms, the Main Library, the Hospital and other university facilities.
Psychological Counseling Services: The Section works to assess and follow up the situation of students with special needs psychologically before requesting this service from the student by holding meetings with the mental health counselor in the field of education or holding seminars, lectures and workshops such as time management, dealing with stress and others to facilitate the students' adaptation to university life. This also seeks to ensure their psychological stability which ensures the best possible academic performance.
Sports and recreational activities:
The Section works in cooperation with specialists to ensure that students of special needs participate in various activities and programs in university life through the provision of sports activity classes to practice various kinds of sports inside and outside the university such as swimming, target ball, yoga, physical exercise. The Section also seeks to introduce the special needs category inside and outside the university community through the establishment of various forums and workshops. It also works on entertaining students and removing the psychological tension by conducting recreational or tourist trips as desired by the students in coordination with various authorities inside and outside the university. It also prints pamphlets on the services of the Section to facilitate the access of students to the provided services. Moreover, it works on organizing student groups aimed at helping students to integrate into the cultural activity at the University.

The Section welcomes any suggestions, inquiries
or request for help from students, staff and faculty members.
Office (B-046), Deanship of Student Affairs
Phone: 24143089
E-mail: Rahmask@squ.edu.om