• Assistant Dean for guidance and students activities
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Our dear visitor, we are pleased to welcome you to our website, whether you are a student or a faculty member or guardian, or seeking information for research or study, or following our activities. We hope that you will find in your website what meets your queries and provides you with the information you desire. Represented in the Office of the Assistant Dean for Guidance and Student Activities in the Deanship of Student Affairs, Sultan Qaboos University attaches great importance to the orientation and various activities of the students, in the belief of its management to prepare the students in an enhanced way to prepare them academically. The Office inspires its vision, mission and goals from the fact that the student is the main pillar of the sustainable development the Sultanate is experiencing. The guidance and student activities are the most important factor in building the integrated personality of the university student, also the office works to provide an environment suitable for the development of their abilities and the promotion of religious and community values ​​,foster the spirit of honest competition between him and his peers and to embrace his creative initiatives. These elements represent the core of the Office's functions and orientations.
We hope that the students of the university who wish to benefit from the services offered will communicate with those responsible for guidance and student activities to learn about the services and activities offered to them and to engage in student activity for the benefit of them intellectually, spiritually and physically so that they can perform their expected roles in the future with skill and excellence. We invite the university students to take part in the activities and possibilities available to fulfil their spare time with something that enhances their potential and skills.
The Office manages and supervises the guidance and student activities through the following departments supervised by it:
1. Department of Guidance and Religious Guidance
2. Department of cultural and sports activity
3. Clans of scouts
Raising the student to be a creative field leader through various orientation and extra-curricular programs.
n order to achieve the Office's vision, our mission is to:
· Prepare student leaderships that the community can benefit from in sustainable development programs.
· Provide an attractive activity environment in which the student develops his abilities and skills.
• Commitment to implement programs that contribute to directing the student to be positive towards others.
· Provide activities that meet the attitudes and wishes of the different groups of students.

Department of cultural and sports activity


Department of religious guidance

  • reinforce identity through religious, cultural, social, economic, political and sporting activities.
  • Development of good morals, positive feelings, initiative, good competition and responsibility.
  • Developing talents, honing abilities,  and motivating creations and innovations of students to benefit them as individuals and the Omani society through various activities.
  • Promote a culture of dialogue and leadership to empower students to work collectively and voluntarily in the university and local community.