• Assistant Dean Of Student Affairs For Social Services
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The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the oldest deanships at the university. It is one of the fixed pillars of Sultan Qaboos University, where it was established to be an essential edifice that is closely linked to our students. The Deanship programs and various services contribute effectively to realizing the university's vision and mission of developing our students' abilities and helping them overcome any obstacles to their academic careers.


In addition to many social services, religious, cultural, and sports activities that serve university students' lives outside the classrooms, students invest their most profound potential to gain new skills that benefit them. They are entitled to all the comforts and psychological stability that will help them move forward successfully.


The Assistant Deans for Social Services office provides its students services through the departments it oversees, namely:

Department of Nutrition Services

Housing Services

Department of Social Welfare Services

Department of Social Activities and Community Service


All these departments are supervised by a select group of qualified professionals who can deal with students and showcase their skills, creativity, and talents to enhance the students' social consciousness, global awareness, and cultural sensitivity. These abilities allow them to solve problems and design solutions to improve individuals' quality of life and the general well-being of our Omani community.



Dr. Anfal Nasser Al-Wahaibi

Assistance Dean for Social Services

Providing outstanding high quality social services to students of Sultan Qaboos University, which will contribute positively to their academic access and in making them highly capable individuals prepared to compete in the labor market, and to be a model in thisfield.

Create healthy social and psychological stability for students of Sultan Qaboos University.

Provide a healthy high quality food environment that matches the requirements of the university students.

Offer the right social climate for university students, which contributes positively to their academic achievement.

Provide social and psychological supervision to university students, which helps to address the social and psychological difficulties students may face at the university.

Provide social care that helps overcome the academic difficulties students may face at the university.

Create and implement programs and social events that foster students’ engagement, behavior and personal development. 

Support students’ social and psychological balanced to contribute positively in the community and in the state's development.

Promote identity through religious, cultural, social, economic, political and sports activities.

Development of true creation, a sense of positivity and act on it through responsible exercise of individual expression.  

Indorse talent, critical thinking, and stimulating student innovations for their benefits and to address change and conflict through various activities.

Develop a culture of dialogue and leadership skills and abilities to enable students to build the desire and confidence to work collectively and voluntarily in the university and local community.